Convert Your Content to Executables to Bring High Quality Traffic to Your Site  

Posted by Saki S

You can turn your content to the executable files and submit them to hundreds and thousands of software sites along with software description and links. Usually, these software sites list your product on a dedicated page that typically provides you an average of PR3. Now, if you can post it to hundreds of software sites, it will pull hundreds of one way links, leading to a high probability of getting PR4 or PR5 in turn.

You can use HTML to EXECUTABLES installer, such as WebSiteZip Packer, SiteInFile Compiler, and few others. You can also find huge software download site, where you can put yours too. It will not only help you to get quality links but also targeted visitors to your site. So, what are you waiting for? Go, get it now.

What Is Link Juice?  

Posted by Saki S

Link juice refers to the weight of quality that a website can pass on to other sites through the use of links. In other words, link juice is a technique that allows people to make quality links to your pages.

Quality Content: The first step is of course to create quality content, which is easy-to-read and designed for target audience. It also helps other people cite your site for valuable resources.

Easy Linking: Make clear and simple navigation between your pages. Don’t make your readers confused. Give descriptive titles, so that your readers get a clear insight before they get into the story.

Take the Benefit of Social Networking: Spread your words with the help of social networking sites. You can also use 'Link to Us' button to let others link to your site.

Know the Links: You need to make sure that you know which pages are linked to your page. If you buy the links from good link brokers, you can be sure of that they must tell you in advance the exact position of the potential links.