Have You Yet Started Internal Linking in Your Weblog or Site? I am Starting It Today, Are You Too? …  

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Internal linking has a great significance in search engine optimization. When we talk about internal linking, most of the people (especially those who are new to this field) think that these are the links coming from other websites. Though link building from other websites certainly plays a major role in search engine optimization, internal linking within own blogs or sites is also crucial. In fact, a properly structured internal linking system can certainly raise SEO ranking.

When you build a proper architecture of internal linking, you can be rest assured of that the pages of your weblog or site will be properly crawled by the search engine. In addition, by doing internal linking, you are practically able to build up the relevancy of a particular page in respect to a specific keyword phrase. And last but not the least, internal linking helps you to improve the PR of an internal page.

You can build internal linking in your weblog or site in either of three ways – text links, footer links, and inline text links. When you are using text link navigation system, you should include the keyword phrases you would like to make a target. However, don’t repeat this in such a severe way that it looks like nothing but a boring list of keywords. Footers are one of the most abused segments. Don’t exploit it and don’t make it a spamming zone, please. It looks really ridiculous when someone links each of the pages from the footer again, quite obviously, it doesn’t have much value in respect to SEO as well. Inline links are great, but again, use it rationally, so that it looks good.

OK, enough for now, I have to take a leave and check my blog for adding internal links. I am starting it right now, are you too?

How to Increase Online Visibility with the Help of Article Submission to Different Article Directories  

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If you would like to make your website or blog popular, you can definitely consider submitting your articles to different article directories. Practically, there are tons of article directories out there and many of them have high PR rank like 7, 6, 5 etc. Submitting articles in quality article directories can help you two awesome ways – one is free targeted traffic streamline and the other one is one way link from high PR site. What else an online marketer wants to gain online visibility of the site! In this post, let us explore about 3 popular article directories here today. As expected, all of these directories are just great to increase your traffic and help you to build one way quality back link from their sites.
This is one of the most beautiful sites I have ever seen. You can write about anything that interests you. So, Squidoo is the place where you can showcase your passion. You can create lens and let the world know about it. It has PR 7 and Alexa ranking 431. The most interesting part is that you can raise money either for you or for the purpose of charity. Are you ready to go with the wave?

Ezine Articles

So when we are talking about online popularity, especially from Google's perspective, we can't forget calling the name of Ezine articles. In fact, it is one of the most popular article directories. At present, it hosts 116,032 expert author's work and almost every moment a new writer is doing his / her registration to the wonderful community. The Page Rank (PR) of this site is 6 and the Alexa Ranking is 297. So you can easily assume how valuable it is when it comes to improve your online visibility. Now click on the above link or following screenshot to register your writer profile and then start submitting articles. It's all free.


The next one comes on the line is GoArticles. This is another extremely popular and high trafficked article directory. This site also allows the readers of your article to bookmark each separately to different popular bookmarking sites. This site also has PR 6 and Alexa ranking is 26,742. Here is a screenshot from this site.

I know the list should not be so small. But I would like to take a short leave here and welcome my readers to add more in this list. Please post more and more URLs here in the comment box or if you would like to add the link as an update to this post, feel free to send your post to this mail address CWS.blogs [@] gmail [dot] com. Thank you.

Have You Heard about GoogSpy Yet? If Not, Let Us Read Together…  

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Are you worried about your competitors? Are you truly interested to find out what your competitors are bidding for Google AdWords? Then probably, you don’t have any other choices left than GoogSpy. GoogSpy is a web based tool that helps you out to do a thorough and all-inclusive competitor research. And the most interesting part of it is that it is absolutely FREE to use. Isn’t it just great?

Now the question is how much valuable GoogSpy is and how it offers benefits to you. Well, let me come straight to the point now. This excellent tool is powered by the data extraction tool, Web Scrapper Plus+, from Velocityscape. This extraction tool actually extracts more than half million search results from Google on a daily basis and loads all the information to the database of GoogSpy. Cool!

Well, now coming back to the main point – how much effective it is. Well, if you have experience with Google AdWords, you might have well understood how much tedious the task is to research and test each keywords for its potentialities and strength. Many companies really care to hire experts to do this task on behalf of them. Now GoogSpy is there for you to simplify your task and you will get hands on result for keywords with high conversion rate.

An Update: The site www.googspy.com is not opening. It is showing a Page Load Error (Network Timeout) in Mozilla Firefox.

Can Your Log Files Help to Increase Your SERP Ranking?  

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When you make any changes in your server settings including page or image upload, permission setting or others, a log file is saved in the server. So, it is an obvious fact that your server log files can reveal some real information about your site or blog. Log files have great significance and these files do a lot good to you, if you can use them wisely. In fact, they are just great to increase your site's traffic volume as well as conversion rates.

Now, let us find out why log files are so important. What makes them so important in the eyes of a search engine? Actually, the most important information that log files carry are search phrases or keyword phrases. You site's log files can give you a clear understanding about the keywords used to search your site or weblog.

Now consider it from the perspective of search engine optimization. When you optimize your site, it is your log file that speaks the ultimate truth. It offers information about the keywords that most people use to find out your site. Now, think of the benefit. Say, you haven’t already included the keywords that most people use to find out your site, what will be your next step? Evidently, it will be further optimization of your website, however, with best implementation of these keywords. Isn’t it?

In addition, you may care to create new pages absolutely optimized with these mostly searched keyword phrases, so that the SERP ranking could be higher for your website. The benefit list is not yet finished. You can still have many options left to take the benefit of the log files. Say, you can observe the trend of obtaining your site organically, and then find out relevant keywords for paid search campaigns, which will help you to find out keyword phrases that have higher conversion rates as well.

Use ROR Sitemaps to Increase Your SERP Ranking  

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You might have known how important sitemaps are to the purpose of getting crawled and indexed. Regrettably, this is also true that there are many sitemaps out there that have certain limitations. For example, most of them are designed in such a way that they offer result for specific search engines. This is why, an increasing number of sitemaps generators are designed for Yahoo and Google specifically in these years.

ROR allows a thrilling option for you to resolve this issue. It enables you XML feeds defining your weblog or site. These sitemaps are designed in such a fashion that it is aligned with most of the standard search engines to go together with text-based searches along with structured data describing better interpretation of the significance of your weblog or site.

With the help of ROR sitemaps, the search engines are better able to understand your services, products, articles, or anything that you want the world to know. If you are selling your products, let ROR sitemaps take the responsibility of documenting the name of the product along with its type, price, pictures, availability, related business like affiliate programs and anything relevant to the product.

Article Syndication by Linking Sitemap Could Help to Have a Higher SERP Ranking  

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You might know it very well that article syndication is one of the most wonderful ways to obtain quality backlinks. Article syndication is also considered as one of the best methods for attracting search engine, since the crawlers frequently visit the high-revenue generating article directories. So, if you are truly interested to invite the spiders to take a wise visit to your website or blog, you must submit informative articles to different high PR and high traffic article directories like Ezinearticles.com, Article Dashboard, ArticleCity or GoArticles.

Well, you can take the extreme benefit of article marketing in some other way too. In fact, it is not so common and not adopted by many marketers, especially not by budding marketers. But this method enables crawlers to make a deep search within your weblog or site and help you to be indexed at a higher rate than usual. You need to create a link with your sitemap in the resource box you are provided with during article submission. In this way you will be able to send the crawlers straight to your content buffet to check all the pages.

Love SEO and Spread SEO Love to Get It Back to You!  

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Love is something that certainly provides you a return, if you can love genuinely. Love is something where no dishonesty is allowed. If you are dishonest to your love, you are going to lose it, quite inevitably. This is also true in the world of search engine optimization, as far as I believe.

You have to love this virtual space, so that it can work best for you. When you love someone in your personal life, say you love your partner very much, what are the roles you actually play? Or I can ask you: what are the determinants that play an important role in defining your love for your partner?

Well, there are too many in fact. Say, first of all, you spend time to discover more about your partner, especially what s/he likes or dislikes. Practically you need to do a good study of your partner in order to turn out this love relationship a success. Isn’t it?

So is true with the world of SEO. You need to spend time with this virtual space. You need to love your own virtual identity quite extensively. You need to spread your word. You need to make the platform so that people can identify you in this vast virtual domain.

It is important to spread some SEO love to every possible area. Let us start by creating a blog or website, which will work as your virtual base. Then we move to different article directories, forums, comment posting, directory posting and more and more possible areas.

Create your instance as much as possible and let Google love you. You can only get Google's love when Google understands that you genuinely love your own virtual identity.

How Does Google AdWords Function?  

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Google AdWords is one of largest online advertising networks that reach nearly 80% of the online users. So if you are planning to set off your business promotion, AdWords can help you to reach to your targeted buyers in no time. In order to take the benefit of Google AdWords, you need to select keyword phrases that match your products or services at the first place. When you are done with keyword selection, you need to write text advertisements. These advertisements will appear when a searcher will search for the keywords you have selected. Now what do you have to do with the budget? You need to set a price for each click made on your advertisement. This is referred to as CPC. At the same time, you have to set a daily budget too for running your advertisement. You don’t need to bother about any sort of activation charges under this advertisement and there are no hard and fast rule setting your minimum monthly expenses.

Do You Still Believe that Keyword Density Can Help You to Get a Higher Search Engine Ranking?  

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If your answer is 'Yes', you probably do not want to miss the piece 'The Keyword Density of Non-Sense' written by Dr. E. Garcia. In fact, to the utmost disappointment, keyword density is a comparatively useless concept when we talk about relevancy, however, when you use keyword density analysis tool, well, it can give you a fairly easy idea of keyword phrases recurrently used in any specific content.

As described by Dr. E. Garcia, search engine puts a significant stress on the age of the concerned domain, site authority, the links used in the anchor text and the content. Quite obviously, the title of the page receives more value than any other texts used on any particular page. Although many people (and in some cases few dishonest SEO (claim-to-be) experts) consider that meta keywords tags, meta descriptions, comment tags and other somewhat hidden inputs have more weights than the overall quality of the content, but it is wrong. In fact, these hidden inputs have much lesser weight than the page copy itself.

Again there are differences in weight when a page copy contains links, both internal and external. However, the significance of weight is comparatively relative. For example, if you put the entire content of your page within H1 tag and it looks out of the sun, it does not put much weight, quite obviously. Semantic based algorithms put more weight over vocabulary than a page without any relevant content. The reason is quite simple: if you only focus over keyword density, you might tend to create some practically irrelevant content, however, with higher keyword density, which may offer no benefit to the reader.

Why Is It Necessary to Post Your Comment in a 'DoFollow' blog?  

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Have you ever noticed that your blogs are not getting higher rank over the search engine yet you spend so many quality hours on them trying to make quality backlinks for them? It's simply because you might have been attempted to post comments in NoFollow blogs. When you post comment in the blog with NoFollow tag, your post or link remains unnoticed by the search engine. On the other hand, if your own blog is not a DoFollow blog, it may be possible that you might get lesser visitors, since the users do not have the chance to make backlinks with your site.

If you have a blog in WordPress, you can install the required Plug-In by clicking here. If you have your blog in blogger.com, go to Layout>Edit HTML and search for rel="nofollow" and remove it.

What Is 3-Way Link Exchange?  

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Every website owner seeks to have a higher rank over the search engine. Apart from few other valuable factors, quality back linking is important to get a good search engine ranking. Keeping this idea on mind, many webmasters adopt the method of reciprocal linking. In this type of linking, webmaster A shares its link with webmaster B and vice versa. However, Google discourages the idea of reciprocal linking and put a lower weight to it when it comes to search engine ranking.

In order to avoid Google's dissatisfaction about reciprocal linking, the idea of 3-way link exchange is innovated. In this type of back linking, webmaster A, webmaster B and webmaster C exchange link between them like the follows:

Webmaster A puts the links of webmaster B, webmaster B puts the links of webmaster C and webmaster C puts the links of webmaster A. In the eye of Google, this looks like a one-way linking, and this leads to higher search engine ranking. However, doing this, you need find out relevant sites, since Google is suspicious to non-relevancy.

The Advantages of RSS  

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When I saw the three character acronym for the first time, I was wondering what it is all about. OK, to know about it in details, let us first understand the full form of it. RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. In other definition, it also represents Rich Site Summary.

Now what is syndicating? Syndicating refers to the republishing of an article coming from another source like a blog or a website. Hence, a RSS feed implies publicizing updates regarding the concerned websites or blog posting. It tracks the latest posting. Rich Site Summary provides the benefit of skimming through the articles and allows users to check back the source later on.

Stay Updated

RSS offers benefits to the web publishers and readers. It provides the reader latest updates. As a reader, you can always obtain all the latest information as soon as it gets published. So you don't really need to bother once you subscribe to the RSS feed, you will be automatically updated as soon as a new post will come on the air.

Save Surfing Time

Another advantage is of course surfing time saving. RSS feed offers summary of the concerned article, hence it helps at its best to influence user's decision about setting his or her priority. So when you are subscribed, it's up to you whether you will browse or read. Set your own priority.

Power of Independence

When you are subscribed to a RSS feed, you can enjoy the power of freedom and independence. It is up to you and your own preference on which blogs or websites you would like to subscribe. More interestingly, this is not fixed. I mean to say that you can change your mind later on and unsubscribe from any RSS feed from which you do not want to receive updates any longer.

Easy to Unsubscribe

It is absolutely hassle-free. You don’t need to fill up a long questionnaire, not even short questionnaire too. All you need to do is to remove the RSS feed from the aggregator. Isn’t it really simple?

Advanced Marketing Tool

You must understand how important RSS feed is as an advanced marketing tool. When you subscribe to the RSS feed of any website or blog, you will be kept updated about the latest products, offers and news. This is truly beneficial for both sellers and buyers, since the advertising is absolutely targeted, because the subscribers are only those people who have a genuine interest in the products.

Increase Your Online Visibility by Submitting Articles in Associated Content  

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Every one of us wants to get higher visibility in search engine. This is why it is important to promote our business almost all the time. Needless to say that article submission is one of the most effective ways to increase online visibility. I personally prefer article submission as one of the most interesting and challenging ways to obtain higher visibility over the search engine.

Associated Content is a wonderful place that can help you greatly to build up your online visibility. Associated Content has all information, fun, entertainment and news for you. You can submit your exclusive or non-exclusive content to this site, be it an article, video, audio, news, everything is for free! Associated Content is an online publisher and distributor of quality contents on the web. More interestingly, Associated Content allows you to earn money on your published content. So, why are you waiting for? Join and experience the vastness now.

What Are the 3 Black Hat SEO Techniques to Avoid?  

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Black hat SEO techniques are done with an attempt to fool search engines by employing unethical and illegitimate SEO techniques, while offering no benefit to the searchers. There are primarily three types of black hat SEO techniques. We will discuss each of these techniques in brief.

Keyword Stuffing

If you make your web pages overloaded with loads of keywords to bring traffic to your site, the actual result can be much different. In fact, stuffing keywords in excessive volume increases the chances of getting penalized by search engines, including banning as the worst impact. There are many useful literatures out there online about proper usage of keywords, which you should read first if you do not have sufficient knowledge and experience on this subject.

Invisible Text

This is another black hat SEO technique that few dishonest webmasters try to employ. These texts are invisible in the sense that they are written in the same color as the background is. For example, if the webpage is yellow, then the font color of these invisible texts is also yellow. So it is not visible by the reader. However, since the invisible texts are keywords, they can easily draw the attention of the search engine spiders.

Inserting a Doorway Page

Doorway page is something that a web site user cannot almost see when he clicks for the website URL. This is designed with loads of keywords exclusively for the search engine spiders. This page is made illegitimately to trick the search engine spiders to get the high rank in the search results. Although these black hat techniques can initially offer you higher rank over the search engine, using these SEO techniques your site cannot have higher rank for the rest of your life. So be aware right away, if you think that you have employed any such techniques that could possibly be a black hat SEO technique, simply avoid.

Are You Targeting Non-Business Forums?  

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(Useful Tips about Using the Power of Search to Build Up Online Visibility (Part-8) continued from Part-7)

Honestly, this is not a very good practice to use others’ forum exclusively as a platform for self-promotion, unless otherwise specified. Granted that if you have been participating in many discussions for quite a longer period of time and your contribution is highly recognized, well it might be something different if you use the forum for the purpose of self-promotion once in a while, however, in a delicate and sensitive style such as providing others the opportunity to comment on your posting, not just a mere dull advertisement. To be straight with you, it demands skills to develop on time.

One little suggestion: you can use the signature area to promote your business. In addition, you may take time to explain the forum moderator intelligently and sensibly how your business can benefit to the community, and not just a mere profit making and link sharing machine exclusively designed for you. When you have been able to strategize this part, look you are just ready to go ahead to promote your business in most of the standard forums.

So, when you are choosing non-business forums to promote your business, the first thing that you can do is to start an off-topic discussion. Make the discussion in an engaging style and extremely interactive to pull readers’ attention. When you are able to place your discussion in such a style and become able to relate your business in a subtle form, you can be rest assured of the fact that you are no way far from receiving request for more information in your mailbox. In this way, forum operators are happy since you are not violating any rules and serving each other’s for their needs and forum users are also happy since their needs are met. Needless to say, forum postings build visibility in web search, blog search and forum search.


What to Do with the Press Release Now  

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(Useful Tips about Using the Power of Search to Build Up Online Visibility (Part-7) continued from Part-6)

Now when your press release is done, the next step you should take is the distribution of the press release. The first place where you should look for the distribution of the press release is the services already indexed with major news search service. If you can afford, create 4-5 versions of the press release of the same event and release them following an agenda, say monthly agenda or weekly agenda. Well, you can rewrite the same press release for different services. Rewriting is important to avoid the possibilities of rejection due to the blame of duplicate content filter. And needless to say, the degree of online visibility improves at a much faster rate. Press release is an effective way to obtain visibility in both web search and news search. In addition, it also offers extensive benefit in PR distribution site services including subscription, internal search or XML feeds.

The Power of Forum Marketing

Forum is one of the most powerful places to be used for the purpose of gaining improved visibility. Now the question is: when you are planning to post your business announcement, what types of forums you would particularly consider? Basically, you can choose two different types. One that accepts business announcements specific to your business, for example, if you owning a fishing net business, quite obviously, you should not post your business announcement in tomato-products related forum. Isn’t it? The second type is obviously those forums that accept business announcements in random fashion. Well, take it as a point that many standard forum-owners do not have any intention to entertain you if you use his forum specifically to promote your business. After all, he has created this place to share your views, opinions, likings and disliking to the world.

Unconventionality Rules  

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(Useful Tips about Using the Power of Search to Build Up Online Visibility (Part-6) continued from Part-5)

Be unconventional, act unconventionally. Let your campaign drive more traffic than your business rivals. Pull out your imagination and play with it. However, you should never try to sensitize your campaign in the name of unconventionality. Share random facts about your company and planning, however, not trying intentionally to be gimmick. Practically, it is your ability how to present the data in an unconventional but attention-grabbing format to make people take interest in you. Above all, let them understand that you are a human and definitely deserve a second look. A suggestion: begin the discussion by talking about the early history of your company and make your readers know more about your passion behind your dream company.

Act with Action beyond Mere Words

Now let us move our attention from the domain of passion to the domain of action. If your company is located in a small town, why don’t you take the advantage of local event hosting? You can do it in many ways. For example, you can offer decent contribution to the children’s library to grab the press attention or you can offer help local social event in their fundraising activity. Practically the possibilities are endless. But always remember one simple fact: press release is something that deals with events and it is not at all a self-promotional propaganda. Many people commit mistakes at this point.

Laziness Can’t Succeed  

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(Useful Tips about Using the Power of Search to Build Up Online Visibility (Part-5) continued from Part-4)

If your answer is ‘Yes’ to the above asked question, then only you please proceed to the next sections. Believe me I do not have any quick rich schemes in my knowledge box. So if you know something faster, I don’t mind having it here in my comment box. Well for the rest, let us move further. The first thing that you should take into account is press release. Say, you own a company. Now how the press release can offer benefit to your business? Let us keep it simply. First of all, say if you have a new company, a press release can help you to make an announcement about the inauguration of the business. Now, say for example, you are going to open a new business section, so press release is the ideal option for you to let the world know about it.

Let Us Talk about Press Release First

Now the question is: whom you should consider for writing press release for you? Should he be an award-winning journalist or should his writing deserve a Pulitzer Prize? What do you say? I don’t know, but my suggestion is of course a big ‘No’. In fact, if you would like to prove yourself unique, you should talk from your heart, you should talk from your brain, like a human, not like a word-making machine. After all who does not know about the generic qualities of a business? But think twice: is this all that your readers take interest in? No, the answer can not be positive. Rather it can set your campaign apart from the rest.

SEO beyond Monetization  

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(Useful Tips about Using the Power of Search to Build Up Online Visibility (Part-4) continued from Part-3)

Now let us try to understand some basic search engine optimization approaches. If you have shown your patience so far, the next question that must strike your mind is about monetization. Well let me come to a simple point now. Many people just only think that SEO is something that is only related to monetization. This is NOT true. Search engine optimization is not only monetization, but a much deeper knowledge ensuring highest performance potential obtained from the relationship with search engines in particular. Here the money acts like a metaphoric component representing the obtainable self-interest of an individual. To take it simply, you can monetize your knowledge to the seeker.

Let Us Move with Three Key Points

So, the story is not limited to the link building only. You can’t only stress on conversions as well. The main objective here is online visibility. Well, take my opinion, if you spend your quality time on searching for links, well I must admit, this won’t be a very good practice. Granted, if you can manage getting some good links, hmm it is good. So what should you do? The first thing that you must do is to ask yourself: Are you honest? Are you passionate enough? Are you hard-working? These three are the key points that help you to touch the peak of success. So do you have them in you?

Do You Have New Ideas? Let’s Rock the World  

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(Useful Tips about Using the Power of Search to Build Up Online Visibility (Part-3) continued from Part-2)

Well, so far what did you get? What you should employ to increase visibility? Tell me one thing. When you are reading a discussion, what is the first thing that you would notice? Of course, you search for something new. So to increase your visibility, you should employ the same technique. You must build your skill to present new topics and new ideas in the old discussions. Quite possibly, search results can throw these new ideas when people search. Let us begin with something simple. Use your intuition and ask your inner mind about the things you should inquire about. So it is really important that you should have updated news, because most of the people actually take interest on new things.

Let Google Take Interest in You!

So, when you have updated information, you don’t really need to bother about the rest of the world, because search engines will put their best effort to find out your contents when people will be looking for it. You don’t really need to bother about that. For example, I posted Mesothelioma – A Rare Type of Cancer only a few days back in my health blog, which is not an old one also, but when you make a search query using ‘rare type of cancer’, it comes on the first page. Wow! I am just so happy! Practically when you keep yourself updated, Google will take interest in you, since Google are for searchers and they are the searchers who make Google so much successful. It’s a simple calculation.

Share Your Interest First, Let Your Interest Bring Business for You  

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(Useful Tips about Using the Power of Search to Build Up Online Visibility (Part-2) continued from Part-1)

Although this is the situation in majority of the cases, this is WRONG. Why? Well, an effective SEO design can not be implemented if it does not tally with someone’s personal interests. So quite obviously, you can only have a very less information about others’ personal interests when you will not share yours openhandedly. It is really important that you share your experience on search engine optimization with a lively attitude and in a personalized tone, if you really want to touch the fortune as a SEO guru. It is important since the friendly tone brings more impact than a scholarly speech. There are many SEO gurus out there who employ this trick to deliver their success message to their followers. Do you too?

Now the question is why this style of personalization brings more impact? It is because of its simplicity. When you bring an Italian dish in a broken plate, will it be really interesting to consume? I don’t think so. Do you think? According to general human psychology, people really do not take much interest about generic advices that have hardly any impact on the end result. If you have enough freedom, place your discussion lightly and use the power of search technique to increase your online visibility. Needless to say, a majority of SEO people use this technique while building their online visibility by employing the technique of search engine optimization. Now what are the techniques? The major SEO techniques are press releases, forum postings, news group postings, email discussion list posting and blog posting.

Useful Tips about Using the Power of Search to Build Up Online Visibility (Part 1)  

Posted by Saki S

Search is believed to be one of the most underdeveloped abilities in the era of search engine optimization. Let us have a real time example. Say, you make a random selection of articles, discussions or forums related to search engine optimization; you may become surprised seeing the search results having almost no relevance to the desired output. It is really essential to incorporate campaign to improve query operations and needless to say, the advanced query operation is nothing but a small segment of the entire game of searching, provided that you possess an extensive searching ability.

Let Us Talk about Passion, Leave Business for a While

Now coming to another important domain of search, we can see that the majority of SEO people only search contents relevant to the objective of their business. They hardly bother about searching for things for their past time. Let me clarify this point to some extent. Say, when you join in any SEO forum, what are the points you find for discussion? Is there anything that you can easily find to satisfy your personal interests? Probably, your answer would be a big ‘NO’. After all, when we are discussing about something serious like search engine optimization, why should you bother about discussing something light like ‘your favorite pastime is playing Microsoft’s Age of Empires’! Funny! There is no time to waste, and the time is only to think about techno-gadget. Wrong, let us think twice.

…to be continued

The Relation between Reptilian Code and Search Engine Optimization (Part-7)  

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Continued from yesterday’s post

An Effective Solution within Your Means

Admitted, not everyone on this virtual space can afford the huge fees of highly praised marketing gurus such as Clotaire Rapaille, but there is certainly a way for you. You need to free your mind from traditional thinking pattern and need to give yourself reasoning by justifying and rationalizing each and every aspect of your business activity. By doing this efficiently and effectively, it may be possible that you can be able to find out the hidden triggers to design your very own code ensuring your business reach on the top-most position.

When you analyze human mind, you can see that all humans have two integral needs that motivate their action. These two fundamental needs are – (1) survival and (2) upgrading. The motivational triggers are everything prompting the users to search for the information and then getting converted into potential buyers over time. So, if you really crack the virtual domain and want this virtual space to work for the best for your business success, you should learn to discover what those factors are that really make your viewers satisfied and feed their mind and business, because this is where all marketing strategies rely on.

End of This Post

The Relation between Reptilian Code and Search Engine Optimization (Part-6)  

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Continued from yesterday’s post

Deciphering the Triggers of Motivation

This method exclusively deals with the deciphering of the triggers of motivation that makes an audience to a purchaser. As soon as the deciphering mechanism is understood, it is the duty of the marketing expert to stay on the coding. The primary effort of research is to obtain past the justifications, the individual and group rationalization of the thought pattern of the left brain, the components, and fundamental coding that allow us to mark off.

The developer, the internet marketing guru Clotaire Rapaille, assumes that the implication of words is not just limited to their literal meaning, but it gradually becomes mature with unconscious organizations. According to him, it is not a surprising fact since the communication is held on the basis of verbal and non-verbal associations that we gather throughout our lifetime experience. He further explained that these shared organizations form the framework of the coding that we are searching for to play the leading role to attain marketing success.

Granted, most of the advertising agencies and corporations take an effort to employ focus groups as a customary practice as an integral part of their marketing strategy, but Clotaire Rapaille took an absolutely different approach. Clotaire Rapaille incorporated his psychiatric training with his marketing knowledge. He introduced stage based focus groups. In the first stage of his focus groups, he facilitates the audiences to obtain a sense of success by justifying the logic by virtue of their rational and logical thinking that practically an individual can easily ignore in practice. During the second stage, Clotaire Rapaille focuses on the more pertinent factors of human desires, which triggers the ultimate sales the seller is actually looking for.