Planning to Launch another Blog, in just a Little Tilted Way, phew!  

Posted by Saki S

Been extremely busy these days, I admit, my life has become little hectic these days (unfortunately, I am NOT among those who make millions just a few mouse click in a day or probably in a month or week, and honestly I don’t want to be. Want to know my story?), but still I can't leave myself taking new challenges every time.

I am again launching a new blog. After PLR Revolution starts its breathing in the fresh air, I have started planning for my new blog at I have few idiosyncratic plans for my new blog about which I had discussed with few of my friends and clients. Here is an overview of what they believe or commented (I asked for their feedback, yet not disclosing my plans).

The Most Innovative Blogger Is On Your Way!

Saki is launching his new blog at pretty soon. The reason I am calling it an innovative effort because in spite of being a boring and monotonous testimonial, Saki has planned to give his creative touch-up to his new blog.

When he told me yesterday, I thought he must be kidding, because for me, well, it seems nearly an impossible task for me! The way he planned out his blog can be devastating for his business. In fact, to my true belief, if he does this way, I feel, his business seems to be seated over a volcano roof.

No wonder, here his opinion differs, as always! He told me, "David, I believe this is the right way to be transparent and to be more faithful towards one's own business." I don't know, just waiting for him for the launch.

~David L.~

Saki is the most creative provider I have ever found in my business life. I really don’t bother about any more providers when it comes to my content. I love Saki's content. Saki has a superbly dedicated team. But still I think Saki is taking the highest risk for his life (business life of course). Yes, Saki will win at the end I know, because Saki is courageous, honest and sincere. Love you Saki, wish you all my best wishes!

~Sean K~

Damn thing, I admit you must have a wide pool of extremely satisfied client base, but man, you are an extremist (I know you very well), but aren’t you taking too much risk? Well, if you win, you will gain something that even money can't buy for you, but if you lose, oh Jesus, I just don't want to imagine!

~Catherine S~

List of Top 100+ Article Directories – Rediscovered and Full-Proof  

Posted by Saki S

Yes, I got frustrated enough before I started putting my all effort to find out something really useful and worthy of my time. You know what I mean, at least you can guess. Yes, I know many of my co-(serious) workers who are somewhat frustrated like me, if they opt for quality business in their article marketing effort.

Tell me, how many times you bumped over an article directory list and finally ended up finding 50% of them are no use of you, either they have closed taking new registrars, or they might have a real low PR or a horrified Alexa value! I know, your answer would be many times, if you are also doing your business seriously.

After getting tremendously frustrated finally I have composed a l-o-n-g but top quality list of article directories for my loyal readers. Here we go.

Download the Pdf list and enjoy!

If you enjoyed my list, encounter any trouble with any of this list, let me know. I would love to know that.

Love you guys, thanks for stopping by.

Best wishes,

Saki S


Posted by Saki S

Google Caffeine has now turned out a topic of interest for many webmasters and search engine experts these days. Needless to say, Google has already earned the crown of one of the best (to me simply the best) search engines available in this virtual planet.

Now, the question is: what makes Google so lovable for its loyal searchers? Well, if you ask me, I would like to put my topmost emphasis on the following 4 points:

1. Google is simple.

2. Google is convenient.

3. Google is fast.

4. Google is accurate.

If you ask yourself, you will make your response quite closely like mine. This is where the success of Google search lies and the developers are putting their persistent effort to upgrade the existing one.

So the time has come to open Google Caffeine for beta testers and even you can test it in your spare time and send your valuable feedback to the developers in no time.
Visit Google Caffeine and analyze your experience with Google Caffeine.

Don't forget to download the Caffeine_Analysis_Sheet.pdf (right click and save target as) that helps you in your analytical journey. [Don't panic, it is a safe site, so is the content and file, no virus, no adware, no malware.]

or else,

Right-click on the following image and save target as

Visit Google Caffeine Sandbox and be a Beta Tester.
Don't forget to share your experience here.

Best wishes,

Saki S

An Unvoiced Comeback – A Confession  

Posted by Saki S

The night is dark outside, when I first decided to come back once again to reappear on my dearest blogs. Once the thought hits my mind, I hardly get any option but to come back again to look for my old base. Friends, I am really ashamed as I was not being able to continue my journey and left all untouched, unloved and unattended.

But when I decided a comeback and started writing this post, I did few things as well. That few things together combine the true essence of my today's post. I realized, by the grace of God, I was wrong to hold all the responsibilities in my small head. I was exhausted, so I became disorganized and finally lost my interest in these blogs.

I realized, at last, that being organized is really vital in life. Yes, even it is with your passion, you must be consistent and organized, or else, you will lose your passion for life for sure. Being disorganized takes a big toll from your life. For me, yes, of course, my business is running quite successfully these days and if God want, it will be for upcoming days, but I lost all my connections with my passion, that is, my blogs.

So far this is my confession, since I don’t have much things to say, except admitting that 'I am guilty'. Whatever I can promise today (depending on my organizational strategy), I would be persistent, if I have really been able to mark out my drawbacks that hinder my appearance for these blogs. So guys, from today's onwards, you will get a new update in my blogs quite frequently. Let's hope for the best. Till my next appearance, be happy and stay good for all.

Warm Regards,
Saki S

[from now onwards, this blog is taken care by Saki S]