AdSense Calculator – How Much They Worth?  

Posted by Saki S

While browsing through different sites this evening, I stumbled upon one of my favorite place and discovered pretty useful tools listed there on their site. I picked up AdSense Calculator and tested out for my own, and it works pretty smoothly.

AdSense Calculator makes the job easier for the publishers, since it helps in calculating their expected earning on daily, monthly or yearly basis. Check it out, it is pretty useful.

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SEO and Organizational Skill – Do They Correlate?  

Posted by Saki S

SEO means search engine optimization, anyone knows, right? But if you ask for the steps they follow, you might hear different answers. My today's post will shed light on this issue. Let us begin.

So, what does SEO mean to you? Is it a theory or a practical endeavor? I know, you will all agree that SEO is simply a vast subject. And time is pretty short, so you have one thing in your hand and that is your organizational skill.

This is really handy, if you have organizational skill, when you opt your brain into something really vast like search engine optimization.

Here is a little overview of what I do to promote (or you can say optimize my base to search engines) my business. Add more tasks in the comment box, if you feel suggest me. Would really love to have your suggestion

1. I submit articles to article directories (while submitting articles to different directories, I give emphasis over both authority building and backlinking, but I do not consider more than 100 directories. In fact, I predominantly give my attention over few top rated directories only)

2. I submit my URL to different web directories (again the same thing, to me, quality dominates quantity)

3. I share URLs to different bookmarking sites (pretty straightforward)

4. I post press release to different press release directories

5. I share my blog posts

Now tell me about yours and please make this post worthy for the rest of the visitors.

Thanks for stopping by.

Best regards,

Saki S