Can You Check Bad Neighborhood?  

Posted by Saki S

Many times just because your neighbors are bad, it means that you are into trouble. Same is true with internet networking. In this virtual space, you are allowed to create links with a wide number of friends, but you have to be selective while making your friends. They need to be like-minded and they should have same interest like you. There is good bad neighborhood link checker that helps you to find if everything is just running as you desire. Here is a beautiful script that I found today while browsing the site. Please visit this site and find out if everything in your neighbor goes well or not.

The Advantages of Behavioral Targeting  

Posted by Saki S

Behavioral targeting is lucrative to the advertisers because it sets the environment depending on the past searching behavior of the consumer. The searching behavior of the consumer explains the motivation of the user, interest level and interest pattern, and the conversion rate.

Many studies affirm that the marketers are interested to invest more in their behavioral targeting budget, because they are happy with the end results of behavioral targeting market. However, there are few studies who have affirmed that paid search still is on the upper hand compared to behavioral targeting.

It is quite evident that a majority of the internet marketers are satisfied with the results of behavioral marketing and most of them are already using them as a key component of their marketing endeavor. The major 3 advantages of behavioral targeting are – (1) higher amount of click-throughs (35%), (2) higher amount of conversions (26%), and enhanced degree of rate of investment (ROI).

However, there is a disadvantage of behavioral targeting as well. Since it is unique in nature, it has the nature of reducing reach. There are yet lot of potentialities that are not reflected through past behavior pattern of the consumer. Some people really don’t take interest in products unless they see them in the advertisements.

We Have a Request to We Need a Trackback  

Posted by Saki S

Though trackback is a useful feature nowadays, Blogger does not allow us to use it here. If you are interested to put it in your blog, you can take the benefit from Haloscan, which provides the trackback feature in a faultless way. All you need to add a small code in your blog and you are just ready.

But this post is not for Haloscan, since we have already discussed about it in my last post. Please feel free to check that out. Now we will talk a bit about the benefit of trackback. It is said that the trackback feature is the future of content communication. The primary benefit of trackback lies in its peer-to-peer communication ability. It is the next generation content referencing.

Say, you have written something that is interesting to read. Your friend likes it and would like to make a comment in your blog. Now, despite posting a comment in your weblog, he posts a comment in his own weblog and sends a trackback to your blog. In such case, you will be notified on your post. You then decide to post comment to your friend's post. At this point, trackback works like a discussion board.

Haloscan Allows to Edit Blogger Comments  

Posted by Saki S

Haloscan allows Blogger comments. We all know that we can't edit comments received directly in Blogger, but Haloscan allows us to do that. Isn't it great to use it when you can edit your comments for free? It's been sometimes people comment in my blog and they would like to place a link. Since they did not use the code in the comment box, the link does not appear in a proper way. I always thought that if I get the chance to edit them all, I should do that. Now Haloscan offers the facility. Blogger never allows to edit them, but to delete them.

However, there are disadvantages too. Haloscan never notifies you about these comments for free. And also it is tough to track these comments. So I personally find Blogger is better than Haloscan, especially when it comes to comments.

2 Most Useful and Powerful Google Marketing Tools  

Posted by Saki S

Google has become the dominant search engine now-a-days. I, myself, in fact use Google as my primary search engine. The people who own a blog or site definitely want that their site rank higher in Google search engine. Because this is how their purpose will be fulfilled. Google is accessed by millions of people around the world and it has now become a common expression for almost every online user.

Regardless of such incredible features, there are still many people who do not really understand how many additional features Google offers us apart from search engine. In this post, I would like to discuss 2 most useful and free incredible Google marketing tools. Here we go.

Google Analytics

According to my consideration, Google Analytics is one of the most powerful tools for webmasters and marketers. This free tool helps a site owner to have a detailed view of the daily picture of one's site / weblog. It analyses the traffic volume, including the location, entry and exit. It allows you to closely monitor up to 3 sites for absolutely free of cost. It offers the critical information regarding conversion rate as well as ROI.

Google Sitemaps

Google Sitemaps is used by the webmasters. This allows them to use the required code to install in their web pages and it gives the instant entry in the Google search index. This is an XML file which is uploaded to Google. This XML file auto-updates Google as soon as you add new pages to your site. Quite obviously, this tool is also very helpful to marketers and webmasters as it helps in getting information in the web rapidly.

Shout about Your Online Presence!  

Posted by Saki S

If you are in this virtual space to get rid off your loneliness, if you are in this virtual space to make your internet marketing business a success, if you are here in this virtual space to make your offline business successful, all you need to shout about your online presence. Like me, you are infinitesimally small. No one can hear us if we can't shout. So shout about your presence.

When you are talking about search engine optimization, you basically talk about SERP ranking. That means how well you rank in the search engine. I believe your content here plays the leading role. If your content has the killer instinct, you really don’t need to bother even about keyword placing or keyword optimization. All you need to focus on how well you describe the topic that you are focusing onto.

Yes, it is important to do internal linking to get higher position in the search engine. It helps the bots to catch your page more easily. The navigation should be simple and hey, make it sure that your pages are user-friendly.

Google Is Beyond Explanation!  

Posted by Saki S

Google is really funny and beyond of any kind of explanation. Did Google hear me yesterday? Is Google playing with me? Just yesterday only, my blog has PR rank 3 and it got this rank on 28th September, 2008 from unranked position and again today Google turned it down to unranked!!!

As I told already, I really don’t bother much about Google ranking. What I believe, I believe in my own voice. But it is somehow surprising. May be Google loves to play with people! May be Google loves to make fun of people, or may be because I didn’t put content for last few days. I think the last explanation has some possibilities.

Whatever be the reason, I always find Google acts some fishy and mischievous way. It acts like a toddler, I think Google needs to be mature enough to set its Page Rank. Are you hearing me Google?

Don’t Bother about PR, It Will Be Automatically Taken Care Of  

Posted by Saki S

Yes, I have a proof. Just one day back my another blog with an age less than one month and only 10 posts altogether gets a PR 2 rank from 'unranked'. Yes, I am NOT joking. I think and I believe that all it needs quality content and the rest are taken care of. Yes, I am not disagreeing with the fact that it needs few quality submissions. But that's all.

• What I did with my blogs?

• I write them (I really don’t care how 'bad' grammar I am using, but I write them from my heart and from my studies. I have many interests, from Yoga to SEO, from Health to Reasoning Ability, so read them all buddy).

• I spend my time there (Recently there is a lack, since I had to spend long hours on various assignments, but again I am back).

• I submit them in my signature to few places (mmmmmm, it works).

• I didn’t do much Internal linking (though I admitted that internal linking has tremendous value).

• I really did not bother about Page Rank (even today I don’t bother much, but I enjoy to keep the track like a funny pastime).

Not all my blogs get the rank. In fact, two blogs of mine for which I really spend long hours have not got any rank. Both of them have many contents and 'keyword-rich contents'. I really worked hard for these two sites to put 'keyword-rich content', but nothing really works. On the contrary, I didn’t ever bother about 'keyword-rich content' for my other blogs and it got the PR rank. I am pretty confused and you?

Increase Your PR and site exposure by Mini Reviews  

Posted by Saki S

I personally feel this is a good idea to increase both PR and site exposure. By doing mini reviews in a reputable blog site, you can not only get your site's exposure, but also you will be able to earn reputation and help yourself to target higher page rank (PR). So what is mini review? Well, mini review is something where your site's characters, services, benefits and of course disadvantages, if any, will be openly discussed, in a neutral tone and in a miniature form, say within 200-250 words. In this review, 2-3 links will be given and these links are permanent, that means, as long as the blog will be live, these links will be alive. In this way, you will get a portion of the traffic from this website and also your link to this website / blog will be established, which will help in boosting your site's PR. So take the benefit of mini reviews and earn a good exposure for your site.

I personally offer this service to my clients. If you would like to take the benefits of this service, here are the details:

1. Fill up the following form. Each and every field is compulsory.
2. Please have some patience and allow me at least 24-48 hours after you submit your form. At present, I am extremely busy with my online business. But still you are precious to me.
3. After reviewing your form, I will let you know how much it would cost.
4. The cost may vary from USD8.00 to USD20.00 depending on your requirement.
5. At present, I have 6 blogs running. They are SEO; Work from Home; Health and Wellness; Online Jobs; Test Your Reasoning Ability; and Yoga, Dharma, Dhyana. You can choose any of them. I am leaving this choice on you. But at the same time, you should be careful about your choice, if they are not relevant, sorry but I might not be able to do review for them.
6. After finishing your review, I will place it on my blog and send you the permanent link of it as soon as all are finished.

Thanks for your interest, time and patience.

Your name:

[Please don’t put anonymous. You can put your nick name but]

[Your email]

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Your Chosen blog:
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Do you want any screenshot?
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Any Specific Details:
[be specific, it really helps, like what sort of review you want, if there is any specific product or service, or a general review, etc.]

What Makes PR High?  

Posted by Saki S

As I told you earlier, I am NOT a SEO professional. What I know, what I read, what I study, what I feel, I share it to the world. I read too many titles on how to make high PR, honestly, some of them, I realized a bit, but some of them, I am not ashamed to announce, I couldn't. Still the way to make high PR is a mystery to me. The day before yesterday (28th September, 2008), I found my SEO blog and my REASONING ABILITY blog, have received a PR 3 each. I have started my SEO blog from 18th July and my REASONING ABILITY blog from 1st September. So it implies that my SEO blog has achieved its PR 3 within 41 days and that is achieved by REASONING ABILITY blog when it is only 27 days old.

Now, I have come to few conclusions (though I believe it's a really small time frame to generalize, so my readers must excuse me, if they do not find me enough modest):

You must write content interesting and love what you are doing. This is the easiest tip ever, because if you don’t love something, you can't expect others to love your blog also. Say, you are spending a lot in decorating your home, but still you are not satisfied with its beauty. When you are not satisfied, how can you expect others to be satisfied with it, huh?

Share, share and share it to different bookmarking sites. Let others know about you. There are billions and millions of pages out there over the net. You are nothing but an infinitesimally small point there. So shout to the world, but in a decent voice, so that you can be able to make others to pay attention on you.

I personally hate to do link exchange. But I don’t have enough knowledge to disregard it although.

Last but not the least, make blogging a habit. Love it from the deepest core of your heart. If your love is genuine, your love must respond. What else? Start blogging now. My best wishes are always there for you.