Happy Birthday Google!  

Posted by Saki S

May God Bless You! Many, many happy returns of the day! Long Live Google!!!

Today is Google's Birthday. Today Google is celebrating its 10th Birthday. The tradition started by Lary and Sergery (precisely in 1999 summer). If you are interested to discover the brief history of how Google comes up in its current shape, you must not be late exploring this link. Hey, sorry as I forgot to mention, did you notice that there is a rack picture drawn in the homepage party picture in Google? Yes it is because they would like to have a new server rack in their 10th Birthday besides cakes and party. To read more, click here. Come, lets have a party tonight!

What Are the 3 Best Search Engine Optimization Tips for the Year 2008?  

Posted by Saki S

So are you getting enough tired of reading the same search engine optimization tips over and over again? Here are 3 top and innovative Search Engine Optimization tips exclusively for you. Here we go.

Tip 1: Take the Benefit of Google Alert and Make It Your Personally Online Undercover Agent

You can take the benefit of Google Alert and allow the best search engine to work for you as your personal undercover agent. You can use Google Alert in several different ways – monitoring news story development, tracking competitor action, obtaining latest news on events, and so on.

So, why are you getting late? Care to register for Google Alert away.

Tip 2: Enough of Optimization? Probably Not! Still Your 404 Page Has Been Remaining

You can make your '404 – Page Not Found' appealing to both readers and to the eye of the search engine. Customize and optimize the 404 page as necessary and add a sell value to make it a precious sales tool.

Tip 3: Be Very, Very Serious about Linking

Pay a close and extra attention to the high PR sites your site or weblog is linking to. Running monthly link campaign may boost up your SEO process quite effectively. Make it a schedule and run application to check your backlinks. Be cautious about your backlinks. Do not ever allow any penalized or banned sites to make any backlinks with you.

How Many Inbound Links You Need to Obtain a Specific Page Rank?  

Posted by Saki S

If we talk about Google Page Rank, I bet I can find it the most mysterious ones. As I told you already, I am not a professional SEO expert, whatever I am sharing, I m doing it from my own belief. Today, when I was going through the site called www.smartpagerank.com, I discover an interesting table on the subject mentioned in the title. Let us read it together now.

If you are interested to discover more on this table, please visit:

If you would like to know more about the page rank calculation, you can check here also:

Here is a good resource for download:

Site Match Redefined  

Posted by Saki S

Have you heard about Site Match? If not, let us read this post together. This is a program run by Yahoo / Overture Company. The objective of this program is to get the site into the database of the Yahoo, which needless to say is a quite expensive process. Based on a regular annual fee, you need to bear additional cost in each click you receive from Yahoo search engine. In the year 2003, Yahoo purchased the gigantic pay per click database Overture, which was previously known as Goto. Now, Yahoo has planned to monetize Overture by offering program like Site Match.

When you take the benefit of Yahoo Site Match program, you can make it sure that your site will be listed in their database and there is no relation to get listed in the Yahoo directory. The database is refreshed within every 48 hours. If you are not listed in the search database of Yahoo, you can do either of two things – (1) wait unless you get listed or (2) pay for Site Match. To get listed in the Yahoo database through Yahoo Site Match, You have to pay $49 per year to get the registration done and $0.15 to $0.30 per click.

What Are the Top 10 Internet Marketing Tips for the Year 2008?  

Posted by Saki S

The idea of internet marketing is considerably increasing in recent years. Although there are lots of useful internet marketing tips out there over the internet, there are many which are not enough sound. In this post, we have tried to sum up top 10 internet marketing tips for the year 2008 which to our consideration are the best of the lot. Here we go.

Tip 1: Optimize the content of your website or weblog.

Tip 2: Design a content development approach for your website or weblog.

Tip 3: Invest a considerable amount of money in paid search or pay per click campaign.

Tip 4: Help your website or weblog to grow and make interesting in the eye of the public with the help of article marketing.

Tip 5: Design a social media network approach for your website or weblog.

Tip 6: Allow your blog to do some experiment with video marketing.

Tip 7: Allow your readers to get engaged with web widget marketing.

Tip 8: Take the benefit of mobile marketing.

Tip 9: Plan viral marketing strategy for your website or weblog.

Tip 10: Design an effective email marketing approach.

Top 37 RSS Feed Directories Redefined  

Posted by Saki S

RSS feed is a great way of making communication with your readers. It allows you to provide keyword-rich and themed content to the targeted readers. RSS feeds can deliver information from blog posts, articles, forums, news, schedules, discounts, and many others. RSS feeds help your site / weblog to get indexed faster and to improve backlinkings, if you can submit your feed to different feed directories. So in this post, we will learn about different RSS feed directories.

If you are maintaining a blogspot blog, you can get your RSS feed here: theblogname.blogspot.com/atom.xml

If you are maintaining a wordpress blog, you can get your RSS feed here: theblogname.com/feed

Now, the time has come to discover the top 30 RSS feed directories. Here we go.

1. 2RSS.com
2. BlogDigger.com
3. Blogoculars.com
4. BlogPulse.com
5. Chordata.info
6. DayTimeNews.com
7. feed24.com
8. Feedage.com
9. FeedBase.net
10. FeedBomb.com
11. FeedBoy.com
12. Feedest.com
13. FeedFury.com
14. FeedPlex.com
15. Feeds4all.com
16. FeedsFarm.com
17. FeedShark.BrainBliss.com
18. FeedsHoster.com
19. FindRSS.net
20. GoldenFeed.com
21. IceRocket.com
22. Jordomedia.com
23. MillionRSS.com
24. Octora.com
25. Page2go2.com
26. Plazoo.com
27. Postami.com
28. ReadABlog.com
29. RSSaround.com
30. RSSFeeds.com
31. Rss-Feeds-Submission.com
32. RSSmicro.com
33. RSSmotron.com
34. RSS-Network.com
35. Syndic8.com
36. WeBlogAlot.com
37. Yahoo RSS Guide

Viral Marketing Re-defined  

Posted by Saki S

Say you are in a swimming party, and suddenly you whisper to your closed one that you are somehow virus infected. What will happen? Any guess? Yes, you are right. From the next moment on, you will definitely find the party is either gone or you are out from the party, if the virus is really dangerous. So virus is always something that makes us scared. But what is all about when we mix it with the idea of marketing? Probably it implies something that has some basic nature of virus.

Today when I was reading an excellent book called 'Viral Marketing: Get Your Audience to Do Your Marketing for You' written by Russell Goldsmith. It is one of the best books I have ever read. Well, to be very honest with my readers, I knew very little about viral marketing even today morning (well even to this moment to be very, very frank with you again). But I have made a plan. I will share as much as I will learn. How's the deal? It will help me to practice and to keep my blog updated.

Now let me come to the title of this post. The definition of viral marketing, the way I find it. Now what does a virus do? It spreads. How? It replicates itself. This is the same principle viral marketing is based on. Look at the following picture. I tried to illustrate the idea with the help of a virus picture.

So the simple principle of viral population is replication. It replicates itself aggressively. This is the key concept of this type of marketing strategy. It allows you to pass the marketing message to others and creates a possibility to grow at an exponential rate to the exposure and success of the message. Same to the idea of virus population, viral marketing strategizes to replicate for the benefit of rapid multiplication in order to explode the marketing message to the thousands and to the millions and to the billions.

Is the Concept of Viral Marketing Only Limited to Online Market?

No, certainly not. In the offline marketplace, viral marketing is popularly known to some other phrases as well. Let me tell you one after one. These are 'Word of Mouth Strategy', 'Leveraging the Market Strategy', 'Creating a Buzz Strategy' and 'Network Marketing Strategy'. On the Internet, it is mostly referred to as viral marketing.

Googlism Sucks!  

Posted by Saki S

Yes it is! Let me tell you why.

There is a group who has formed 'The Church of Google'. I am not too sure about their actual activity, but today when I was searching Google with the phrase 'Is Google God?' after getting sucked up with my AdSense account, I found some interesting results. Enough of irony, but there are seriously a phrase in this virtual world which says that there IS a church of Google. What a mess!

Yes, this is a mess, since Google is compared with the Almighty. Oh my God (or Google?????!)! They have compared Google in such rubbish way:

"We at the Church of Google believe the search engine Google is the closest humankind has ever come to directly experiencing an actual God (as typically defined). We believe there is much more evidence in favor of Google's divinity than there is for the divinity of other more traditional gods."

Honestly I love Google very much. In fact, yes, I do primarily trust on Google to do my research in almost all aspects. But a compare with the God!!! I just can't take it. Do you?

The Church of Google has compiled a list of 9 items in support of their Googlism claim. Well, trust me, I don’t have the faith or patience to re-list them out in my blog. Want to read the list? Well, you may always take a ride there from my blog. Thanks for visiting.

An update: They have also designed prayers in the name of Google. Oh Lord! Please save me from Google prayer. BTW, they have also added 10 Commandments in the name of Google! What an irony!

Why Google Dance?  

Posted by Saki S

Google Dance is the condition which is used to refer the update of the index on a schedule basis. It is typically done on a monthly basis, once in a month. You can identify it when you see that there is a considerable shifts happening in the Google search result. Well, it is not a simple business that can be done within couple of hours, but it needs several days to complete the entire process. During this phase, the new index and old index interchange on the site www.google.com. At the initial days, the search results appear sporadically, meaning new index appears from time to time, but later, they appear more recurrently. The Google starts dancing.

When Google starts dancing, it can be viewed from test domains www2.google.com and www3.google.com. These are the domains which typically have steady DNS records, allowing the domains to resolve single, sometimes the same, IP address. So, prior to the Google dance, the data center IP address is assigned to at least one of these test domains which obtains the new index first time.

So with the help of www2 and www3 domains, you can check the upcoming rankings of your website. If you are interested to check whether an update is in progress, use the following tool to discover.

Check Servers: SEOChat.com





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