The Relation between Reptilian Code and Search Engine Optimization (Part-5)  

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Influencing Strategies

Though surprising, but the capacity of making money online does not exclusively depend on the traffic volume exclusively, but on your communicative skill. Many online entrepreneurs buy traffic in order to generate high volume of traffic. But to the greatest disappointment, this has practically no use. High volume paid traffic just comes and leaves your site without really doing any financial benefit to your business. Although you are spending huge bucks on earning high volume visitors’ attention, but this may not offer any benefit to you in practice. On the other hand, if you are really serious about grabbing the attention of your visitors, you should not be late in delivering a focused, engaging, entertaining and informative message to your visitors that reverberates the visitors’ unconscious wishes developed in the primordial reptilian zone of the brain.

The Lustication-Justification Method

The term ‘Lustication’ was coined by Clotaire Rapaille, the famous marketing Guru and the supreme superstar in the area of market research. Lustication, as derived from ‘Lust’, the strong psychological desire of human. According to this theory, lustication is the psychological trigger of wishes that provokes your audience to get converted into your potential customers for your products or services, and the justification refers to the rationalization of excuses used in expending resources.

The Relation between Reptilian Code and Search Engine Optimization (Part-4)  

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The Google Irony

So now we understand that the success of Google is typically based on its ability to deliver relevant and highest quality search results and thus the SEO companies take their attempt on manipulating the search engine positioning of their clients’ page closer proximity of the top-most position. Well, Google is not stupid as well. In fact, Google is smart enough to understand the SEO tactics. So Google constantly put their best effort to change their methodologies and algorithms and to outdo SEO methods to reach at the top position. In fact, Google is highly successful to keep the place for paid-for search results. This is how the search engine optimization game persists, drawing a huge amount of revenue to both Google and SEO gurus, while leaving you pay for the shot with only a little bit to show for the same.

Recalling the Fundamentals

The assumption here is absolutely transparent: an effective marketing strategy depends on the idea of human psychology. In order to implement a highly effective marketing strategy for your business success, you need to understand the way people think and act. Quite obviously, this is the prime standard or base of your business priority. You should not only keep faith on the management of dynamically changing mathematical formulation that is increasingly influencing the second swindle for placing the paid-for advertisements.

The Relation between Reptilian Code and Search Engine Optimization (Part-3)  

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The Google Search Phenomenon

Now consider the condition of Google from users’ perspective to understand this issue. Before going more further, let me ask you a simple question: Why do you prefer Google search so much? The answer is simple: It’s because you can get relevant information as closely as possible according to your requirement. Consider another condition: Say, you put a keyword travel trailer to search on the Google, when the result has come, you see that you get everything except any proper documents relevant to travel trailer itself. So, what are you going to do then? Quite obviously, you will leave Google forever and search for a better and effective search engine that can provide you REAL search results. Thanks to Google, it does all.

So, we can see that we are not going to use Google if it can not provide us the result we desire. That means, in order to stay successful on this virtual space, Google needs to deliver pertinent and appropriate search results to the online searchers. If Google fails, people will simply stop using them and their revenue earned from their paid services will be nullified. Quite obviously Google does not want it. So, Google always puts its best effort to eliminate any irrelevant or rubbish documents in their search results, they put their best attempt to list up quality search results on the top pages and this effort of Google makes them so precious to its readers.

The Relation between Reptilian Code and Search Engine Optimization (Part-2)  

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Google: The Mission ‘Possible’

Although there are many SEO companies who are earning successfully like a heaven with their highly loaded database of anxious customers, not everyone can really promise a success of desire. All they can do to their customers an idea with proximity about the positioning, sometimes even not like that. There are many online entrepreneurs out there who are spending a huge amount of money in each and every moment just to get the higher SEO ranking, but to the surprise, not all of them are earning the same quite gracefully.

In practice, if you would like to be successful while combating with Google algorithm, you need to understand the two simple principles employed by Google search engine – (1) for the majority of the people Google is the best mode of finding out the desired result, and (2) it has doubled up the searching ability into a sequence of paid-for services. Quite obviously, you need to develop yourself to understand how and why it works in order to touch the peak of success. Google practically functions on the framework of the same thing or same understanding as most other big companies work or understand. They know what the searchers ‘really’ want to search out. The keyword here is ‘really’. In other words, all the search engine independent biggest companies understand the basic ‘need’ to survive, the basic ‘want’ to excel, so is true with Google. This is the actual game of SEO – the understanding of fundamental requirement, to survive on the page one.

... to be continued

The Relation between Reptilian Code and Search Engine Optimization (Part- 1)  

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The marketing efforts of most of small and medium scale companies are principally influenced and dominated by the techniques of search engine optimization; however, the largest and extremely high revenue generating companies actually do only a little care about this technique. Evidently these biggest companies do spend a huge amount of money on their marketing budget including huge promotional activities, large advertisements in order to attract huge volume of traffic to their company or business websites and generate sales, leads and essentially buyers. They attain these upshots without really bothering about satisfying search engine.

Quite evidently, these largest companies do not take any interest in search robots at the time they attempt to deliver their finely crafted and thoroughly focused marketing web messages to their readers. Many SEO gurus say that search engines do the business in an attempt to sell an individual their product, not purchasing the individual’s product. However, these biggest companies know some secret tricks that smooth out their marketing technique independent of search engine satisfaction. Well, this is not a secret any more. The fact is that every one can employ it for the betterment of their business. But this is really unfortunate that not most SEO entrepreneurs do have that knowledge or skill to employ it to attain the success.

The Role of RSS in Internet Marketing  

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The prime idea of RSS was derived from Netscape. With the help of RSS, the users can customize their personal web page or blog by embedding the links of the websites of their preference and interest, akin to the function of the bookmarking websites.

The way RSS is employed in the arena of Internet marketing, needless to say, the advent of RSS technology has become an issue of surprise. While using RSS technology, an individual is absolutely free to add up RSS feeds on to their own preferred aggregators. It helps them to obtain updated data related to their product or service of interest. This certainly increases the chances of setting up a more accurate platform for the targeted buyers, and not just a mere hit-and-miss act.

All medium and small scale companies can use RSS feed for the purpose of targeting their prospected buyers. For doing this, they can opt to choose different networking options such as personal blogs, club websites or organization websites for making use of their services or products. For example, if you are doing business with travel trailer accessories supplies, you can look for linking your website with the local travel trailer club to get potential RSS feeding.

It is quite evident now that RSS brings an innovation in the arena of Internet marketing and certainly we can expect more improvements in the field of RSS technology in coming years as it will become popularizing day by day.

What Else You Should Know about Off Page SEO Factors?  

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Search engine optimization is an effective technique or strategy that helps in increasing the visibility of your site. The majority of the traffic is generated from the search engine itself, so strategizing SEO is vitally important to meet the goal of online success. Essentially there are two genres of SEO – on page and off page. In this article, we will discover few interesting facts about off page SEO factors. Here we go.

Off page SEO, in simple words, refers to the technique that you can employ once your site is already on the air. Needless to say, off page SEO helps in increasing the ranking of a site over the search engine, however, without bringing any changes on the web pages itself. In practice, there are few factors lying outside your site that you can take care of to increase your site visibility, and this is why this technique is known as off page SEO.

There are different known ways to increase your site’s visibility by employing off page SEO factors. These strategies are – (1) article marketing, (2) forum marketing, (3) advertising on, (4) triangular backlinking, and (5) partnership linking.

Article Marketing

Article submission in different article directories is one of the most effective ways to bring high traffic. Moreover, there are many article directories on the web that have a high PR rank. So article submission increases the chances of getting quality backlinking from the high PR website, and thus increases the visibility of the website over the search engine.

Forum Marketing

Take the advantage of forum marketing. When you join a forum dedicated to the success of your online business, you will find that you are allowed to use texts or links in your signature. When you make any post, the signature link will automatically come and your prospected buyers will click on your signature link to visit your site. Using this way, you will not only have high volume of traffic, but serious buyers for your products as well.

Advertising on has a high PR rank. In fact, its PR rank is exceptionally high. So when you put advertisement on, no matter if you can not get any response to your advertisement, search engine spiders will consider that your site has a backlink from a higher PR site, which will certainly increase the visibility of your site over the search engine.

Triangular Backlinking

Google discourages reciprocal linking. However, triangular linking is something that Google spider does not take into offensive account yet. In this type of linking, X website’s link is placed on Y website, Y website’s link is placed on Z website and Z website’s link is placed on X website.

How Does Google Crawl?  

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Google crawling is a procedure using which Googlebots determine well-run and new web pages so that these can be added to the Google index. Google utilizes a wide array of systems to obtain or crawl millions and billions of web pages on this virtual space. The application that does this fetching or crawling job is referred to as Googlebot. This is also known as bot, spider or robot. Googlebot use a special type of algorithm to analyze the web sites for the purpose of crawling. In addition, it also determines the required frequency and quantity of fetching from each site.

The crawling process of Google starts with a list of web page URLs, obtained from the previous crawling procedures and enhanced with the help of Sitemap data designed by the webmaster. When Googlebot visits these sites, it tries to find out links available on each of the pages and adds them to the crawling list. Newly launched sites, any update to the existing sites or dead links are listed up to update the Google index.

Google does not do any unethical favoritism towards crawling any site too frequently and they do not make any business with their searching feature and it is absolutely a separate issue from their revenue-generating AdSense feature.

Effects of Changing IP on SERP Ranking  

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Virtually there is insignificant impact of changing IP over the SEO ranking. In modern days, search engines are smart enough to understand the situation and set the ranking accordingly. However, before you make any change in your IP address, you must care to consider the following points:-

(1) Make it sure that your new host might not have tons of banned IPs due to spamming. Moreover, you must make it sure that you are not assigned any of these banned IPs, needless to say, it will surely influence your ranking on the search engine.

(2) Make it sure that your hosting server is always up, at least almost always, or else it will bring negative impact on your ranking. So it is very important that you must check your host’s uptime before you depend on them for your business.

Make it sure that your new host does not rule out spiders in order to save bandwidth. This may bring adverse effect over the search engine ranking.