Do You Still Believe that Keyword Density Can Help You to Get a Higher Search Engine Ranking?  

Posted by Saki S

If your answer is 'Yes', you probably do not want to miss the piece 'The Keyword Density of Non-Sense' written by Dr. E. Garcia. In fact, to the utmost disappointment, keyword density is a comparatively useless concept when we talk about relevancy, however, when you use keyword density analysis tool, well, it can give you a fairly easy idea of keyword phrases recurrently used in any specific content.

As described by Dr. E. Garcia, search engine puts a significant stress on the age of the concerned domain, site authority, the links used in the anchor text and the content. Quite obviously, the title of the page receives more value than any other texts used on any particular page. Although many people (and in some cases few dishonest SEO (claim-to-be) experts) consider that meta keywords tags, meta descriptions, comment tags and other somewhat hidden inputs have more weights than the overall quality of the content, but it is wrong. In fact, these hidden inputs have much lesser weight than the page copy itself.

Again there are differences in weight when a page copy contains links, both internal and external. However, the significance of weight is comparatively relative. For example, if you put the entire content of your page within H1 tag and it looks out of the sun, it does not put much weight, quite obviously. Semantic based algorithms put more weight over vocabulary than a page without any relevant content. The reason is quite simple: if you only focus over keyword density, you might tend to create some practically irrelevant content, however, with higher keyword density, which may offer no benefit to the reader.

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