Love SEO and Spread SEO Love to Get It Back to You!  

Posted by Saki S

Love is something that certainly provides you a return, if you can love genuinely. Love is something where no dishonesty is allowed. If you are dishonest to your love, you are going to lose it, quite inevitably. This is also true in the world of search engine optimization, as far as I believe.

You have to love this virtual space, so that it can work best for you. When you love someone in your personal life, say you love your partner very much, what are the roles you actually play? Or I can ask you: what are the determinants that play an important role in defining your love for your partner?

Well, there are too many in fact. Say, first of all, you spend time to discover more about your partner, especially what s/he likes or dislikes. Practically you need to do a good study of your partner in order to turn out this love relationship a success. Isn’t it?

So is true with the world of SEO. You need to spend time with this virtual space. You need to love your own virtual identity quite extensively. You need to spread your word. You need to make the platform so that people can identify you in this vast virtual domain.

It is important to spread some SEO love to every possible area. Let us start by creating a blog or website, which will work as your virtual base. Then we move to different article directories, forums, comment posting, directory posting and more and more possible areas.

Create your instance as much as possible and let Google love you. You can only get Google's love when Google understands that you genuinely love your own virtual identity.

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