Site Match Redefined  

Posted by Saki S

Have you heard about Site Match? If not, let us read this post together. This is a program run by Yahoo / Overture Company. The objective of this program is to get the site into the database of the Yahoo, which needless to say is a quite expensive process. Based on a regular annual fee, you need to bear additional cost in each click you receive from Yahoo search engine. In the year 2003, Yahoo purchased the gigantic pay per click database Overture, which was previously known as Goto. Now, Yahoo has planned to monetize Overture by offering program like Site Match.

When you take the benefit of Yahoo Site Match program, you can make it sure that your site will be listed in their database and there is no relation to get listed in the Yahoo directory. The database is refreshed within every 48 hours. If you are not listed in the search database of Yahoo, you can do either of two things – (1) wait unless you get listed or (2) pay for Site Match. To get listed in the Yahoo database through Yahoo Site Match, You have to pay $49 per year to get the registration done and $0.15 to $0.30 per click.

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