Effects of Changing IP on SERP Ranking  

Posted by Saki S

Virtually there is insignificant impact of changing IP over the SEO ranking. In modern days, search engines are smart enough to understand the situation and set the ranking accordingly. However, before you make any change in your IP address, you must care to consider the following points:-

(1) Make it sure that your new host might not have tons of banned IPs due to spamming. Moreover, you must make it sure that you are not assigned any of these banned IPs, needless to say, it will surely influence your ranking on the search engine.

(2) Make it sure that your hosting server is always up, at least almost always, or else it will bring negative impact on your ranking. So it is very important that you must check your host’s uptime before you depend on them for your business.

Make it sure that your new host does not rule out spiders in order to save bandwidth. This may bring adverse effect over the search engine ranking.

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