How Does Google Crawl?  

Posted by Saki S

Google crawling is a procedure using which Googlebots determine well-run and new web pages so that these can be added to the Google index. Google utilizes a wide array of systems to obtain or crawl millions and billions of web pages on this virtual space. The application that does this fetching or crawling job is referred to as Googlebot. This is also known as bot, spider or robot. Googlebot use a special type of algorithm to analyze the web sites for the purpose of crawling. In addition, it also determines the required frequency and quantity of fetching from each site.

The crawling process of Google starts with a list of web page URLs, obtained from the previous crawling procedures and enhanced with the help of Sitemap data designed by the webmaster. When Googlebot visits these sites, it tries to find out links available on each of the pages and adds them to the crawling list. Newly launched sites, any update to the existing sites or dead links are listed up to update the Google index.

Google does not do any unethical favoritism towards crawling any site too frequently and they do not make any business with their searching feature and it is absolutely a separate issue from their revenue-generating AdSense feature.

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