The Relation between Reptilian Code and Search Engine Optimization (Part-2)  

Posted by Saki S

Continued from yesterday’s post

Google: The Mission ‘Possible’

Although there are many SEO companies who are earning successfully like a heaven with their highly loaded database of anxious customers, not everyone can really promise a success of desire. All they can do to their customers an idea with proximity about the positioning, sometimes even not like that. There are many online entrepreneurs out there who are spending a huge amount of money in each and every moment just to get the higher SEO ranking, but to the surprise, not all of them are earning the same quite gracefully.

In practice, if you would like to be successful while combating with Google algorithm, you need to understand the two simple principles employed by Google search engine – (1) for the majority of the people Google is the best mode of finding out the desired result, and (2) it has doubled up the searching ability into a sequence of paid-for services. Quite obviously, you need to develop yourself to understand how and why it works in order to touch the peak of success. Google practically functions on the framework of the same thing or same understanding as most other big companies work or understand. They know what the searchers ‘really’ want to search out. The keyword here is ‘really’. In other words, all the search engine independent biggest companies understand the basic ‘need’ to survive, the basic ‘want’ to excel, so is true with Google. This is the actual game of SEO – the understanding of fundamental requirement, to survive on the page one.

... to be continued

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