The Relation between Reptilian Code and Search Engine Optimization (Part-3)  

Posted by Saki S

Continued from yesterday’s post

The Google Search Phenomenon

Now consider the condition of Google from users’ perspective to understand this issue. Before going more further, let me ask you a simple question: Why do you prefer Google search so much? The answer is simple: It’s because you can get relevant information as closely as possible according to your requirement. Consider another condition: Say, you put a keyword travel trailer to search on the Google, when the result has come, you see that you get everything except any proper documents relevant to travel trailer itself. So, what are you going to do then? Quite obviously, you will leave Google forever and search for a better and effective search engine that can provide you REAL search results. Thanks to Google, it does all.

So, we can see that we are not going to use Google if it can not provide us the result we desire. That means, in order to stay successful on this virtual space, Google needs to deliver pertinent and appropriate search results to the online searchers. If Google fails, people will simply stop using them and their revenue earned from their paid services will be nullified. Quite obviously Google does not want it. So, Google always puts its best effort to eliminate any irrelevant or rubbish documents in their search results, they put their best attempt to list up quality search results on the top pages and this effort of Google makes them so precious to its readers.

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