The Role of RSS in Internet Marketing  

Posted by Saki S

The prime idea of RSS was derived from Netscape. With the help of RSS, the users can customize their personal web page or blog by embedding the links of the websites of their preference and interest, akin to the function of the bookmarking websites.

The way RSS is employed in the arena of Internet marketing, needless to say, the advent of RSS technology has become an issue of surprise. While using RSS technology, an individual is absolutely free to add up RSS feeds on to their own preferred aggregators. It helps them to obtain updated data related to their product or service of interest. This certainly increases the chances of setting up a more accurate platform for the targeted buyers, and not just a mere hit-and-miss act.

All medium and small scale companies can use RSS feed for the purpose of targeting their prospected buyers. For doing this, they can opt to choose different networking options such as personal blogs, club websites or organization websites for making use of their services or products. For example, if you are doing business with travel trailer accessories supplies, you can look for linking your website with the local travel trailer club to get potential RSS feeding.

It is quite evident now that RSS brings an innovation in the arena of Internet marketing and certainly we can expect more improvements in the field of RSS technology in coming years as it will become popularizing day by day.

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