What Else You Should Know about Off Page SEO Factors?  

Posted by Saki S

Search engine optimization is an effective technique or strategy that helps in increasing the visibility of your site. The majority of the traffic is generated from the search engine itself, so strategizing SEO is vitally important to meet the goal of online success. Essentially there are two genres of SEO – on page and off page. In this article, we will discover few interesting facts about off page SEO factors. Here we go.

Off page SEO, in simple words, refers to the technique that you can employ once your site is already on the air. Needless to say, off page SEO helps in increasing the ranking of a site over the search engine, however, without bringing any changes on the web pages itself. In practice, there are few factors lying outside your site that you can take care of to increase your site visibility, and this is why this technique is known as off page SEO.

There are different known ways to increase your site’s visibility by employing off page SEO factors. These strategies are – (1) article marketing, (2) forum marketing, (3) advertising on craigslist.com, (4) triangular backlinking, and (5) partnership linking.

Article Marketing

Article submission in different article directories is one of the most effective ways to bring high traffic. Moreover, there are many article directories on the web that have a high PR rank. So article submission increases the chances of getting quality backlinking from the high PR website, and thus increases the visibility of the website over the search engine.

Forum Marketing

Take the advantage of forum marketing. When you join a forum dedicated to the success of your online business, you will find that you are allowed to use texts or links in your signature. When you make any post, the signature link will automatically come and your prospected buyers will click on your signature link to visit your site. Using this way, you will not only have high volume of traffic, but serious buyers for your products as well.

Advertising on Craigslist.com

Craigslist.com has a high PR rank. In fact, its PR rank is exceptionally high. So when you put advertisement on Cragislist.com, no matter if you can not get any response to your advertisement, search engine spiders will consider that your site has a backlink from a higher PR site, which will certainly increase the visibility of your site over the search engine.

Triangular Backlinking

Google discourages reciprocal linking. However, triangular linking is something that Google spider does not take into offensive account yet. In this type of linking, X website’s link is placed on Y website, Y website’s link is placed on Z website and Z website’s link is placed on X website.

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Web directory submission can come up to the no. 1 when we discuss about off page SEO factor. Isn't it? Otherwise, it is truly wonderful post to read on. Thank you.