The Advantages of RSS  

Posted by Saki S

When I saw the three character acronym for the first time, I was wondering what it is all about. OK, to know about it in details, let us first understand the full form of it. RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. In other definition, it also represents Rich Site Summary.

Now what is syndicating? Syndicating refers to the republishing of an article coming from another source like a blog or a website. Hence, a RSS feed implies publicizing updates regarding the concerned websites or blog posting. It tracks the latest posting. Rich Site Summary provides the benefit of skimming through the articles and allows users to check back the source later on.

Stay Updated

RSS offers benefits to the web publishers and readers. It provides the reader latest updates. As a reader, you can always obtain all the latest information as soon as it gets published. So you don't really need to bother once you subscribe to the RSS feed, you will be automatically updated as soon as a new post will come on the air.

Save Surfing Time

Another advantage is of course surfing time saving. RSS feed offers summary of the concerned article, hence it helps at its best to influence user's decision about setting his or her priority. So when you are subscribed, it's up to you whether you will browse or read. Set your own priority.

Power of Independence

When you are subscribed to a RSS feed, you can enjoy the power of freedom and independence. It is up to you and your own preference on which blogs or websites you would like to subscribe. More interestingly, this is not fixed. I mean to say that you can change your mind later on and unsubscribe from any RSS feed from which you do not want to receive updates any longer.

Easy to Unsubscribe

It is absolutely hassle-free. You don’t need to fill up a long questionnaire, not even short questionnaire too. All you need to do is to remove the RSS feed from the aggregator. Isn’t it really simple?

Advanced Marketing Tool

You must understand how important RSS feed is as an advanced marketing tool. When you subscribe to the RSS feed of any website or blog, you will be kept updated about the latest products, offers and news. This is truly beneficial for both sellers and buyers, since the advertising is absolutely targeted, because the subscribers are only those people who have a genuine interest in the products.

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