What Is 3-Way Link Exchange?  

Posted by Saki S

Every website owner seeks to have a higher rank over the search engine. Apart from few other valuable factors, quality back linking is important to get a good search engine ranking. Keeping this idea on mind, many webmasters adopt the method of reciprocal linking. In this type of linking, webmaster A shares its link with webmaster B and vice versa. However, Google discourages the idea of reciprocal linking and put a lower weight to it when it comes to search engine ranking.

In order to avoid Google's dissatisfaction about reciprocal linking, the idea of 3-way link exchange is innovated. In this type of back linking, webmaster A, webmaster B and webmaster C exchange link between them like the follows:

Webmaster A puts the links of webmaster B, webmaster B puts the links of webmaster C and webmaster C puts the links of webmaster A. In the eye of Google, this looks like a one-way linking, and this leads to higher search engine ranking. However, doing this, you need find out relevant sites, since Google is suspicious to non-relevancy.

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