Have You Yet Started Internal Linking in Your Weblog or Site? I am Starting It Today, Are You Too? …  

Posted by Saki S

Internal linking has a great significance in search engine optimization. When we talk about internal linking, most of the people (especially those who are new to this field) think that these are the links coming from other websites. Though link building from other websites certainly plays a major role in search engine optimization, internal linking within own blogs or sites is also crucial. In fact, a properly structured internal linking system can certainly raise SEO ranking.

When you build a proper architecture of internal linking, you can be rest assured of that the pages of your weblog or site will be properly crawled by the search engine. In addition, by doing internal linking, you are practically able to build up the relevancy of a particular page in respect to a specific keyword phrase. And last but not the least, internal linking helps you to improve the PR of an internal page.

You can build internal linking in your weblog or site in either of three ways – text links, footer links, and inline text links. When you are using text link navigation system, you should include the keyword phrases you would like to make a target. However, don’t repeat this in such a severe way that it looks like nothing but a boring list of keywords. Footers are one of the most abused segments. Don’t exploit it and don’t make it a spamming zone, please. It looks really ridiculous when someone links each of the pages from the footer again, quite obviously, it doesn’t have much value in respect to SEO as well. Inline links are great, but again, use it rationally, so that it looks good.

OK, enough for now, I have to take a leave and check my blog for adding internal links. I am starting it right now, are you too?

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