Why Google Dance?  

Posted by Saki S

Google Dance is the condition which is used to refer the update of the index on a schedule basis. It is typically done on a monthly basis, once in a month. You can identify it when you see that there is a considerable shifts happening in the Google search result. Well, it is not a simple business that can be done within couple of hours, but it needs several days to complete the entire process. During this phase, the new index and old index interchange on the site www.google.com. At the initial days, the search results appear sporadically, meaning new index appears from time to time, but later, they appear more recurrently. The Google starts dancing.

When Google starts dancing, it can be viewed from test domains www2.google.com and www3.google.com. These are the domains which typically have steady DNS records, allowing the domains to resolve single, sometimes the same, IP address. So, prior to the Google dance, the data center IP address is assigned to at least one of these test domains which obtains the new index first time.

So with the help of www2 and www3 domains, you can check the upcoming rankings of your website. If you are interested to check whether an update is in progress, use the following tool to discover.

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