Use ROR Sitemaps to Increase Your SERP Ranking  

Posted by Saki S

You might have known how important sitemaps are to the purpose of getting crawled and indexed. Regrettably, this is also true that there are many sitemaps out there that have certain limitations. For example, most of them are designed in such a way that they offer result for specific search engines. This is why, an increasing number of sitemaps generators are designed for Yahoo and Google specifically in these years.

ROR allows a thrilling option for you to resolve this issue. It enables you XML feeds defining your weblog or site. These sitemaps are designed in such a fashion that it is aligned with most of the standard search engines to go together with text-based searches along with structured data describing better interpretation of the significance of your weblog or site.

With the help of ROR sitemaps, the search engines are better able to understand your services, products, articles, or anything that you want the world to know. If you are selling your products, let ROR sitemaps take the responsibility of documenting the name of the product along with its type, price, pictures, availability, related business like affiliate programs and anything relevant to the product.

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