Useful Tips about Using the Power of Search to Build Up Online Visibility (Part 1)  

Posted by Saki S

Search is believed to be one of the most underdeveloped abilities in the era of search engine optimization. Let us have a real time example. Say, you make a random selection of articles, discussions or forums related to search engine optimization; you may become surprised seeing the search results having almost no relevance to the desired output. It is really essential to incorporate campaign to improve query operations and needless to say, the advanced query operation is nothing but a small segment of the entire game of searching, provided that you possess an extensive searching ability.

Let Us Talk about Passion, Leave Business for a While

Now coming to another important domain of search, we can see that the majority of SEO people only search contents relevant to the objective of their business. They hardly bother about searching for things for their past time. Let me clarify this point to some extent. Say, when you join in any SEO forum, what are the points you find for discussion? Is there anything that you can easily find to satisfy your personal interests? Probably, your answer would be a big ‘NO’. After all, when we are discussing about something serious like search engine optimization, why should you bother about discussing something light like ‘your favorite pastime is playing Microsoft’s Age of Empires’! Funny! There is no time to waste, and the time is only to think about techno-gadget. Wrong, let us think twice.

…to be continued

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