The Relation between Reptilian Code and Search Engine Optimization (Part-7)  

Posted by Saki S

Continued from yesterday’s post

An Effective Solution within Your Means

Admitted, not everyone on this virtual space can afford the huge fees of highly praised marketing gurus such as Clotaire Rapaille, but there is certainly a way for you. You need to free your mind from traditional thinking pattern and need to give yourself reasoning by justifying and rationalizing each and every aspect of your business activity. By doing this efficiently and effectively, it may be possible that you can be able to find out the hidden triggers to design your very own code ensuring your business reach on the top-most position.

When you analyze human mind, you can see that all humans have two integral needs that motivate their action. These two fundamental needs are – (1) survival and (2) upgrading. The motivational triggers are everything prompting the users to search for the information and then getting converted into potential buyers over time. So, if you really crack the virtual domain and want this virtual space to work for the best for your business success, you should learn to discover what those factors are that really make your viewers satisfied and feed their mind and business, because this is where all marketing strategies rely on.

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