Viral Marketing Re-defined  

Posted by Saki S

Say you are in a swimming party, and suddenly you whisper to your closed one that you are somehow virus infected. What will happen? Any guess? Yes, you are right. From the next moment on, you will definitely find the party is either gone or you are out from the party, if the virus is really dangerous. So virus is always something that makes us scared. But what is all about when we mix it with the idea of marketing? Probably it implies something that has some basic nature of virus.

Today when I was reading an excellent book called 'Viral Marketing: Get Your Audience to Do Your Marketing for You' written by Russell Goldsmith. It is one of the best books I have ever read. Well, to be very honest with my readers, I knew very little about viral marketing even today morning (well even to this moment to be very, very frank with you again). But I have made a plan. I will share as much as I will learn. How's the deal? It will help me to practice and to keep my blog updated.

Now let me come to the title of this post. The definition of viral marketing, the way I find it. Now what does a virus do? It spreads. How? It replicates itself. This is the same principle viral marketing is based on. Look at the following picture. I tried to illustrate the idea with the help of a virus picture.

So the simple principle of viral population is replication. It replicates itself aggressively. This is the key concept of this type of marketing strategy. It allows you to pass the marketing message to others and creates a possibility to grow at an exponential rate to the exposure and success of the message. Same to the idea of virus population, viral marketing strategizes to replicate for the benefit of rapid multiplication in order to explode the marketing message to the thousands and to the millions and to the billions.

Is the Concept of Viral Marketing Only Limited to Online Market?

No, certainly not. In the offline marketplace, viral marketing is popularly known to some other phrases as well. Let me tell you one after one. These are 'Word of Mouth Strategy', 'Leveraging the Market Strategy', 'Creating a Buzz Strategy' and 'Network Marketing Strategy'. On the Internet, it is mostly referred to as viral marketing.

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