Googlism Sucks!  

Posted by Saki S

Yes it is! Let me tell you why.

There is a group who has formed 'The Church of Google'. I am not too sure about their actual activity, but today when I was searching Google with the phrase 'Is Google God?' after getting sucked up with my AdSense account, I found some interesting results. Enough of irony, but there are seriously a phrase in this virtual world which says that there IS a church of Google. What a mess!

Yes, this is a mess, since Google is compared with the Almighty. Oh my God (or Google?????!)! They have compared Google in such rubbish way:

"We at the Church of Google believe the search engine Google is the closest humankind has ever come to directly experiencing an actual God (as typically defined). We believe there is much more evidence in favor of Google's divinity than there is for the divinity of other more traditional gods."

Honestly I love Google very much. In fact, yes, I do primarily trust on Google to do my research in almost all aspects. But a compare with the God!!! I just can't take it. Do you?

The Church of Google has compiled a list of 9 items in support of their Googlism claim. Well, trust me, I don’t have the faith or patience to re-list them out in my blog. Want to read the list? Well, you may always take a ride there from my blog. Thanks for visiting.

An update: They have also designed prayers in the name of Google. Oh Lord! Please save me from Google prayer. BTW, they have also added 10 Commandments in the name of Google! What an irony!

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