The Advantages of Behavioral Targeting  

Posted by Saki S

Behavioral targeting is lucrative to the advertisers because it sets the environment depending on the past searching behavior of the consumer. The searching behavior of the consumer explains the motivation of the user, interest level and interest pattern, and the conversion rate.

Many studies affirm that the marketers are interested to invest more in their behavioral targeting budget, because they are happy with the end results of behavioral targeting market. However, there are few studies who have affirmed that paid search still is on the upper hand compared to behavioral targeting.

It is quite evident that a majority of the internet marketers are satisfied with the results of behavioral marketing and most of them are already using them as a key component of their marketing endeavor. The major 3 advantages of behavioral targeting are – (1) higher amount of click-throughs (35%), (2) higher amount of conversions (26%), and enhanced degree of rate of investment (ROI).

However, there is a disadvantage of behavioral targeting as well. Since it is unique in nature, it has the nature of reducing reach. There are yet lot of potentialities that are not reflected through past behavior pattern of the consumer. Some people really don’t take interest in products unless they see them in the advertisements.

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