We Have a Request to Blogger.com: We Need a Trackback  

Posted by Saki S

Though trackback is a useful feature nowadays, Blogger does not allow us to use it here. If you are interested to put it in your blog, you can take the benefit from Haloscan, which provides the trackback feature in a faultless way. All you need to add a small code in your blog and you are just ready.

But this post is not for Haloscan, since we have already discussed about it in my last post. Please feel free to check that out. Now we will talk a bit about the benefit of trackback. It is said that the trackback feature is the future of content communication. The primary benefit of trackback lies in its peer-to-peer communication ability. It is the next generation content referencing.

Say, you have written something that is interesting to read. Your friend likes it and would like to make a comment in your blog. Now, despite posting a comment in your weblog, he posts a comment in his own weblog and sends a trackback to your blog. In such case, you will be notified on your post. You then decide to post comment to your friend's post. At this point, trackback works like a discussion board.

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