Google Is Beyond Explanation!  

Posted by Saki S

Google is really funny and beyond of any kind of explanation. Did Google hear me yesterday? Is Google playing with me? Just yesterday only, my blog has PR rank 3 and it got this rank on 28th September, 2008 from unranked position and again today Google turned it down to unranked!!!

As I told already, I really don’t bother much about Google ranking. What I believe, I believe in my own voice. But it is somehow surprising. May be Google loves to play with people! May be Google loves to make fun of people, or may be because I didn’t put content for last few days. I think the last explanation has some possibilities.

Whatever be the reason, I always find Google acts some fishy and mischievous way. It acts like a toddler, I think Google needs to be mature enough to set its Page Rank. Are you hearing me Google?

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