Shout about Your Online Presence!  

Posted by Saki S

If you are in this virtual space to get rid off your loneliness, if you are in this virtual space to make your internet marketing business a success, if you are here in this virtual space to make your offline business successful, all you need to shout about your online presence. Like me, you are infinitesimally small. No one can hear us if we can't shout. So shout about your presence.

When you are talking about search engine optimization, you basically talk about SERP ranking. That means how well you rank in the search engine. I believe your content here plays the leading role. If your content has the killer instinct, you really don’t need to bother even about keyword placing or keyword optimization. All you need to focus on how well you describe the topic that you are focusing onto.

Yes, it is important to do internal linking to get higher position in the search engine. It helps the bots to catch your page more easily. The navigation should be simple and hey, make it sure that your pages are user-friendly.

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