Haloscan Allows to Edit Blogger Comments  

Posted by Saki S

Haloscan allows Blogger comments. We all know that we can't edit comments received directly in Blogger, but Haloscan allows us to do that. Isn't it great to use it when you can edit your comments for free? It's been sometimes people comment in my blog and they would like to place a link. Since they did not use the code in the comment box, the link does not appear in a proper way. I always thought that if I get the chance to edit them all, I should do that. Now Haloscan offers the facility. Blogger never allows to edit them, but to delete them.

However, there are disadvantages too. Haloscan never notifies you about these comments for free. And also it is tough to track these comments. So I personally find Blogger is better than Haloscan, especially when it comes to comments.

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