Increase Your PR and site exposure by Mini Reviews  

Posted by Saki S

I personally feel this is a good idea to increase both PR and site exposure. By doing mini reviews in a reputable blog site, you can not only get your site's exposure, but also you will be able to earn reputation and help yourself to target higher page rank (PR). So what is mini review? Well, mini review is something where your site's characters, services, benefits and of course disadvantages, if any, will be openly discussed, in a neutral tone and in a miniature form, say within 200-250 words. In this review, 2-3 links will be given and these links are permanent, that means, as long as the blog will be live, these links will be alive. In this way, you will get a portion of the traffic from this website and also your link to this website / blog will be established, which will help in boosting your site's PR. So take the benefit of mini reviews and earn a good exposure for your site.

I personally offer this service to my clients. If you would like to take the benefits of this service, here are the details:

1. Fill up the following form. Each and every field is compulsory.
2. Please have some patience and allow me at least 24-48 hours after you submit your form. At present, I am extremely busy with my online business. But still you are precious to me.
3. After reviewing your form, I will let you know how much it would cost.
4. The cost may vary from USD8.00 to USD20.00 depending on your requirement.
5. At present, I have 6 blogs running. They are SEO; Work from Home; Health and Wellness; Online Jobs; Test Your Reasoning Ability; and Yoga, Dharma, Dhyana. You can choose any of them. I am leaving this choice on you. But at the same time, you should be careful about your choice, if they are not relevant, sorry but I might not be able to do review for them.
6. After finishing your review, I will place it on my blog and send you the permanent link of it as soon as all are finished.

Thanks for your interest, time and patience.

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