What Makes PR High?  

Posted by Saki S

As I told you earlier, I am NOT a SEO professional. What I know, what I read, what I study, what I feel, I share it to the world. I read too many titles on how to make high PR, honestly, some of them, I realized a bit, but some of them, I am not ashamed to announce, I couldn't. Still the way to make high PR is a mystery to me. The day before yesterday (28th September, 2008), I found my SEO blog and my REASONING ABILITY blog, have received a PR 3 each. I have started my SEO blog from 18th July and my REASONING ABILITY blog from 1st September. So it implies that my SEO blog has achieved its PR 3 within 41 days and that is achieved by REASONING ABILITY blog when it is only 27 days old.

Now, I have come to few conclusions (though I believe it's a really small time frame to generalize, so my readers must excuse me, if they do not find me enough modest):

You must write content interesting and love what you are doing. This is the easiest tip ever, because if you don’t love something, you can't expect others to love your blog also. Say, you are spending a lot in decorating your home, but still you are not satisfied with its beauty. When you are not satisfied, how can you expect others to be satisfied with it, huh?

Share, share and share it to different bookmarking sites. Let others know about you. There are billions and millions of pages out there over the net. You are nothing but an infinitesimally small point there. So shout to the world, but in a decent voice, so that you can be able to make others to pay attention on you.

I personally hate to do link exchange. But I don’t have enough knowledge to disregard it although.

Last but not the least, make blogging a habit. Love it from the deepest core of your heart. If your love is genuine, your love must respond. What else? Start blogging now. My best wishes are always there for you.

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Great post Sudipa

I look forward to seeing more of them

Many thanks Gerhard. Keep visiting.