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Google Caffeine has now turned out a topic of interest for many webmasters and search engine experts these days. Needless to say, Google has already earned the crown of one of the best (to me simply the best) search engines available in this virtual planet.

Now, the question is: what makes Google so lovable for its loyal searchers? Well, if you ask me, I would like to put my topmost emphasis on the following 4 points:

1. Google is simple.

2. Google is convenient.

3. Google is fast.

4. Google is accurate.

If you ask yourself, you will make your response quite closely like mine. This is where the success of Google search lies and the developers are putting their persistent effort to upgrade the existing one.

So the time has come to open Google Caffeine for beta testers and even you can test it in your spare time and send your valuable feedback to the developers in no time.
Visit Google Caffeine and analyze your experience with Google Caffeine.

Don't forget to download the Caffeine_Analysis_Sheet.pdf (right click and save target as) that helps you in your analytical journey. [Don't panic, it is a safe site, so is the content and file, no virus, no adware, no malware.]

or else,

Right-click on the following image and save target as

Visit Google Caffeine Sandbox and be a Beta Tester.
Don't forget to share your experience here.

Best wishes,

Saki S

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