An Unvoiced Comeback – A Confession  

Posted by Saki S

The night is dark outside, when I first decided to come back once again to reappear on my dearest blogs. Once the thought hits my mind, I hardly get any option but to come back again to look for my old base. Friends, I am really ashamed as I was not being able to continue my journey and left all untouched, unloved and unattended.

But when I decided a comeback and started writing this post, I did few things as well. That few things together combine the true essence of my today's post. I realized, by the grace of God, I was wrong to hold all the responsibilities in my small head. I was exhausted, so I became disorganized and finally lost my interest in these blogs.

I realized, at last, that being organized is really vital in life. Yes, even it is with your passion, you must be consistent and organized, or else, you will lose your passion for life for sure. Being disorganized takes a big toll from your life. For me, yes, of course, my business is running quite successfully these days and if God want, it will be for upcoming days, but I lost all my connections with my passion, that is, my blogs.

So far this is my confession, since I don’t have much things to say, except admitting that 'I am guilty'. Whatever I can promise today (depending on my organizational strategy), I would be persistent, if I have really been able to mark out my drawbacks that hinder my appearance for these blogs. So guys, from today's onwards, you will get a new update in my blogs quite frequently. Let's hope for the best. Till my next appearance, be happy and stay good for all.

Warm Regards,
Saki S

[from now onwards, this blog is taken care by Saki S]

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