The Relation between Reptilian Code and Search Engine Optimization (Part-4)  

Posted by Saki S

Continued from yesterday’s post

The Google Irony

So now we understand that the success of Google is typically based on its ability to deliver relevant and highest quality search results and thus the SEO companies take their attempt on manipulating the search engine positioning of their clients’ page closer proximity of the top-most position. Well, Google is not stupid as well. In fact, Google is smart enough to understand the SEO tactics. So Google constantly put their best effort to change their methodologies and algorithms and to outdo SEO methods to reach at the top position. In fact, Google is highly successful to keep the place for paid-for search results. This is how the search engine optimization game persists, drawing a huge amount of revenue to both Google and SEO gurus, while leaving you pay for the shot with only a little bit to show for the same.

Recalling the Fundamentals

The assumption here is absolutely transparent: an effective marketing strategy depends on the idea of human psychology. In order to implement a highly effective marketing strategy for your business success, you need to understand the way people think and act. Quite obviously, this is the prime standard or base of your business priority. You should not only keep faith on the management of dynamically changing mathematical formulation that is increasingly influencing the second swindle for placing the paid-for advertisements.

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