The Relation between Reptilian Code and Search Engine Optimization (Part-5)  

Posted by Saki S

Continued from yesterday’s post

Influencing Strategies

Though surprising, but the capacity of making money online does not exclusively depend on the traffic volume exclusively, but on your communicative skill. Many online entrepreneurs buy traffic in order to generate high volume of traffic. But to the greatest disappointment, this has practically no use. High volume paid traffic just comes and leaves your site without really doing any financial benefit to your business. Although you are spending huge bucks on earning high volume visitors’ attention, but this may not offer any benefit to you in practice. On the other hand, if you are really serious about grabbing the attention of your visitors, you should not be late in delivering a focused, engaging, entertaining and informative message to your visitors that reverberates the visitors’ unconscious wishes developed in the primordial reptilian zone of the brain.

The Lustication-Justification Method

The term ‘Lustication’ was coined by Clotaire Rapaille, the famous marketing Guru and the supreme superstar in the area of market research. Lustication, as derived from ‘Lust’, the strong psychological desire of human. According to this theory, lustication is the psychological trigger of wishes that provokes your audience to get converted into your potential customers for your products or services, and the justification refers to the rationalization of excuses used in expending resources.

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Very informative articles and i must give you a thank you for sharing in this cool and understanding way.