The Relation between Reptilian Code and Search Engine Optimization (Part-6)  

Posted by Saki S

Continued from yesterday’s post

Deciphering the Triggers of Motivation

This method exclusively deals with the deciphering of the triggers of motivation that makes an audience to a purchaser. As soon as the deciphering mechanism is understood, it is the duty of the marketing expert to stay on the coding. The primary effort of research is to obtain past the justifications, the individual and group rationalization of the thought pattern of the left brain, the components, and fundamental coding that allow us to mark off.

The developer, the internet marketing guru Clotaire Rapaille, assumes that the implication of words is not just limited to their literal meaning, but it gradually becomes mature with unconscious organizations. According to him, it is not a surprising fact since the communication is held on the basis of verbal and non-verbal associations that we gather throughout our lifetime experience. He further explained that these shared organizations form the framework of the coding that we are searching for to play the leading role to attain marketing success.

Granted, most of the advertising agencies and corporations take an effort to employ focus groups as a customary practice as an integral part of their marketing strategy, but Clotaire Rapaille took an absolutely different approach. Clotaire Rapaille incorporated his psychiatric training with his marketing knowledge. He introduced stage based focus groups. In the first stage of his focus groups, he facilitates the audiences to obtain a sense of success by justifying the logic by virtue of their rational and logical thinking that practically an individual can easily ignore in practice. During the second stage, Clotaire Rapaille focuses on the more pertinent factors of human desires, which triggers the ultimate sales the seller is actually looking for.

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