What to Do with the Press Release Now  

Posted by Saki S

(Useful Tips about Using the Power of Search to Build Up Online Visibility (Part-7) continued from Part-6)

Now when your press release is done, the next step you should take is the distribution of the press release. The first place where you should look for the distribution of the press release is the services already indexed with major news search service. If you can afford, create 4-5 versions of the press release of the same event and release them following an agenda, say monthly agenda or weekly agenda. Well, you can rewrite the same press release for different services. Rewriting is important to avoid the possibilities of rejection due to the blame of duplicate content filter. And needless to say, the degree of online visibility improves at a much faster rate. Press release is an effective way to obtain visibility in both web search and news search. In addition, it also offers extensive benefit in PR distribution site services including subscription, internal search or XML feeds.

The Power of Forum Marketing

Forum is one of the most powerful places to be used for the purpose of gaining improved visibility. Now the question is: when you are planning to post your business announcement, what types of forums you would particularly consider? Basically, you can choose two different types. One that accepts business announcements specific to your business, for example, if you owning a fishing net business, quite obviously, you should not post your business announcement in tomato-products related forum. Isn’t it? The second type is obviously those forums that accept business announcements in random fashion. Well, take it as a point that many standard forum-owners do not have any intention to entertain you if you use his forum specifically to promote your business. After all, he has created this place to share your views, opinions, likings and disliking to the world.

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