Are You Targeting Non-Business Forums?  

Posted by Saki S

(Useful Tips about Using the Power of Search to Build Up Online Visibility (Part-8) continued from Part-7)

Honestly, this is not a very good practice to use others’ forum exclusively as a platform for self-promotion, unless otherwise specified. Granted that if you have been participating in many discussions for quite a longer period of time and your contribution is highly recognized, well it might be something different if you use the forum for the purpose of self-promotion once in a while, however, in a delicate and sensitive style such as providing others the opportunity to comment on your posting, not just a mere dull advertisement. To be straight with you, it demands skills to develop on time.

One little suggestion: you can use the signature area to promote your business. In addition, you may take time to explain the forum moderator intelligently and sensibly how your business can benefit to the community, and not just a mere profit making and link sharing machine exclusively designed for you. When you have been able to strategize this part, look you are just ready to go ahead to promote your business in most of the standard forums.

So, when you are choosing non-business forums to promote your business, the first thing that you can do is to start an off-topic discussion. Make the discussion in an engaging style and extremely interactive to pull readers’ attention. When you are able to place your discussion in such a style and become able to relate your business in a subtle form, you can be rest assured of the fact that you are no way far from receiving request for more information in your mailbox. In this way, forum operators are happy since you are not violating any rules and serving each other’s for their needs and forum users are also happy since their needs are met. Needless to say, forum postings build visibility in web search, blog search and forum search.


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